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Ford inspires pride in all sorts of ways. what makes you proud? #builtfordproud don pijor has been with ford for 29 years. for the last 13 he’s been the f-150 launch manager. we’re proud of don’s outstanding work, and that he’s been building trucks despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997. his coworkers are proud to work with don. “he’s a jewel. he brightens up a room when he enters. and, he makes my job easy. he’s involved in the prebuild and conception. so his team goes through and attempts to address any quality issues before the trucks are even built.” –trinette jordon, dearborn truck plant quality manager

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Ford inspires pride in all sorts of ways. what makes you proud? #builtfordproud “i’m a 65 year veteran of the ford motor company. it’s my family. hard not to be when you’ve been here as long as i have.” – willie fulton jr., quality control

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Ford builds pride in all sorts of ways. what makes you proud? #builtfordproud “my wife, cory coffey, is a 2x bmx world champion and mother to our three daughters while competing at the highest level of her sport. she just goes for it. that’s why we built a ramp in the backyard.” – stephen mcgee, filmmaker and ford owner.

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From manufacturing ships in 1918, to building america's favorite trucks today, the ford rouge complex has a lot to celebrate in its 100th year of operation. learn more about the facility that helped shape america's working class in our story.

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"i’m a team leader on the box line here at the dearborn truck plant. my daughter, alexa is the #hardestworking person i know. she just graduated college with a 4.0 in nursing and works full-time as a nursing assistant. she inspires me every day.” - kristi e.
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"i came to america from venezuela over twenty years ago with the dream to work at ford. i’m a blanker at the dearborn stamping plant. we work long hours here, but my wife works 24/7 raising our kids. she’s definitely the #hardestworking person i know. i have so much respect for her. i’m nothing without her.” - carlos a.
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"i’m a floater here at the plant - i get the opportunity to learn all the different jobs on my team - 16 jobs in total. the #hardestworking person i know is my dad. he’s been a construction superintendent for as long as i can remember, helping to build some really cool stuff in detroit.” - cameron h.
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Over 40,000 cars make up the woodward dream cruise every year—and these two are always sure to be a part of the pack. meet jim and john, a grandfather and grandson who share a passion for classic cars. head to our story to learn more and check out their bronco and fairlane 500.

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The inaugural woodward dream cruise in 1995 attracted 250,000 participants. today, the event draws over a million attendees every year, including thousands of ford owners and their vehicles!
today, we met up with nancy and her 1966 emberglo mustang to see what the #dreamcruise has meant to her over the years. check out our story to meet nancy and her rare ‘stang, and keep following along all week for more from our owners, their vehicles, and the 2018 #woodwarddreamcruise.

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The #woodwarddreamcruise is the world’s largest one-day automotive event, and each year thousands of our ford owners join the celebration. today, we met up with vic and his #mustanggt, to see how they’re getting prepped and ready to cruise this weekend. meet vic in our story, and follow along all week for more ford owners and #dreamcruise exclusives.

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A piece of history recreated. from one million mustangs celebrated in 1966, to having 10 million reasons to celebrate today. head to our profile to see the entire #10millionthmustang photo recreation, and play mustang trivia in our story!
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62 unique mustangs joined together to celebrate the #10millionthmustang. watch the entire recreation of the iconic 1966 one million photo come together in our story!
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