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Agave flowers# cactus# crochet#

February 2019 comment 1 star 4

Snowing well until 2pm and after... ice rain!!! should be a funny day!!

February 2019 comment 0 star 4

Cactus garden#arugimi#crochet

February 2019 comment 0 star 7

Craving for comfort foods and saint angel should help!!!

February 2019 comment 1 star 5

New addition #cactus-succulent#arugami

February 2019 comment 1 star 10

A defaut d avoir les doigts vert #cactus #crochet

January 2019 comment 1 star 13

Tradition du 1er mai brins de muguet porte bonheur #traditional#1ermai

May 2018 comment 1 star 10

After seeing the short film at the richmond french films festival, i will read the book inspiration of the film and retrieve ferdinand comments on the wwi trenches life’s

April 2018 comment 0 star 3

Spring under snow!!!!
in the neighborhood

March 2018 comment 0 star 9

snow in montpellier, south of france streets not salted and treated!!!! a mess nice to bd warm inside!!!

February 2018 comment 2 star 6

Pour famille et amis paix joie et amour

January 2018 comment 1 star 6

Same smile and sparkling eyes
full of life
laure vsa angel 10 years old at friends house in france
thinking of you la belle

December 2017 comment 0 star 10