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If you want to get ambitious at your bbq this weekend, @hannah__chia made the fusion burger of our dreams: the kimchi burger. sear our fieldburger patty for 3 min per side, coat it in a spicy korean bbq sauce, and tuck it in a toasted bun with red leaf lettuce, plant-based mayo, kimchi, green onions + sesame seeds as garnish.

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Introducing our newest product—the field roast bratwurst! joining our family of plant-based sausages, the field roast bratwurst is made from whole food ingredients and a unique blend of spices, including fresh ground garlic, caramelized onions, and caraway seeds, and our secret sauce to bring that traditional brat flavor: elysian beer, from our friends at @elysianbrewing. just in time for summer grilling! #fieldroastbratwurst

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Looking for some last-minute memorial day weekend recipes? we got you covered! our mac ‘n chao is always a hit at any event. simply heat the dish up and it’s ready to serve. #mdw (📷: @vegansupplysurrey )

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No better way to end the week than with a pizza night! our plant-based chao cheese is the perfect topper for thin crust, deep dish and anything in between. add allll your favorite veggies or a field roast sausage crumble on top!

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We're seeing some killer bbqs with fieldburgers in our near future. who's ready to officially kick off summer? (📷: @brooklynsupper )

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A mouthful of goodness—find our plant-based chao cheese on the spring menu at @mendocinofarms in california! 🧀🍔💚 (📷: @vegetaryn )

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Now on menu at @piroshkypiroshky! if you’re in seattle, go order the veggie chipotle piroshky, made with our mexican chipotle sausage.

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This @platingsandpairings recipe has weeknight dinner written all over it. sauté up some of our italian sausage, bell peppers and red onions and toss it all in with penne. on your table in under 30 min, and probably in your belly in under 35 min.

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Ramen burger, but make it plant-based like @hannah__chia. start by searing a fieldburger in a cast iron skillet until both sides are browned. then sandwich the patty between two compressed discs of cooked ramen noodles. top with caramelized onions, chopped scallions, leafy greens and sriracha sauce. hands up 🙋‍♂️: who’s making this beauty?

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Add some pep to your sandwich like @emylougall with our spice-packed deli slices.

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Homemade pizza night? we're all about it. grab some chao, crumble our sausage, top with a touch of basil and, voilà, heaven hot out of the oven.

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Sunday nights are all about homemade dinners. get inspired by @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s's red wine chili, featuring our italian sausage, with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, zucchini and cannellini beans. and here's the secret sauce: top it with our creamy original chao slices, pine nuts, and plant-based pesto.

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