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Port of long beach photo by @juan.visuals #fantastic_earth

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Marina bay sands, singapore photo by @peeramaytha #fantastic_earth

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Sundown in meteora by @case_colo make sure to follow @case_colo for more shots from around the globe!

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Yosemite national park photo by @rootswalker #fantastic_earth

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Follow the light photo by @atmajayaboby #fantastic_earth

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Winter in nyc photo by @thewilliamanderson #fantastic_earth

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Indonesia photo by @ipoenkgraphic #fantastic_earth

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Follow @oldkyrenian for more amazing travel photos val di funes, photo by @oldkyrenian

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Strasbourg, france photo by @jakobnoc #fantastic_earth

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Blausee, switzerland photo by @ellchintya #fantastic_earth

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