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Early morning business meeting...... work for it don't sit and pray for it

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Miss him already ♥️#obama #mypresident

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Good company ♥️💫#blackmagic #blackexcellence

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I love to cook❤️..... thinking i'm going to add cooking videos to my youtube channel this year🎥

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Working on some things

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They couldn't wait til it set good 🙄.... 🤣 #ricekrispietreats ps new fave song/album #kidcudi #andrebenjamin

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As they get older the gifts get simpler just money and an xbox i will buy my own stuff mom they said 👌🏿👌🏿fine with me ...shout out to my love (aka zaddy) for the xbox they absolutely are love it thanks for making my children happy ❤️💋🎁🎁🎁...

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They def enjoying #merry christmas

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Fun times @cr38tiv3_k33

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