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Black panther was amazing!!!! only got a half hour sleep before i went to work but it was so well worth it my loves and i enjoyed it thoroughly... can’t wait to watch it again... ✊🏿 #blackpanther #wakanda #wakandaflex

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#tbt when i used to dress up and go out and not just work 24/7 ... miss these days

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Vegetarian ethiopian food with my babies today ...this food was too good for words 😋😋😋😋 * * * * #yummy #ethiopian #ethiopianfood #vegetarian #brooklyn #delicious

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#fbf one of my all time favorite pics with my beauty idol @ladene_clark who is finally on instagram... no artificial filter just natural radiance from the sun and this was a one take selfie that came out perfect! when your beauty idol walks up to you and says you’re so beautiful and you’re dying inside cuz you feel the same about her too❣️❣️❣️❣️#afropunk16 #brooklyn #locs #empress #flashbackfriday

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Eyes wide open before the margarita

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#barbados #home i miss you😣 and my nana.

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Great moms don’t have a lot they make the most of what they have and the kids never know the difference 💋💋💋💋

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#tbt summer come back crew come back

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#tbt you have no idea how beautiful this is until you are there in person.... i left a handwritten prayer for blessings at the temple for my kids, friends and loved ones. the more blessings the better. #thailand #phuket #buddha #buddhist #welltravelledblackgirl

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#tbt summer i miss you.... when hotgals link up #coneyisland 📷@wayne_summers

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Your hair goals❣️#teamnatural

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Always a good time

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The most beautiful soul you will ever meet i love her so much ❤️💋

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Before the night is over happy birthday grant🎊🎊🎊🎊💋.... it was so wonderful spending the day with you we ate good we laughed lots ... may you continue to be bless and be good to your momma she is the bomb #hotgal lol thanks for getting me out the house too

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#tbt the weirdest restaurant we've ever experienced i had to sneak this footage cameras weren't allowed this wasn't even the weirdest thing they did. #bangkok #thailand #mbkcenter

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Me and my girl in the back the same size something's gotta give 😫😖

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"should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him like a guide to hidden treasure." buddha. * * #ariatravels #welltravelledblackgirl #phuket #phuketthailand #thailand #buddha #temple

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