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A huge thank you and the biggest shout out to @litbklyn for inviting me and having me as your guest ....thank you so much d ♥️... and thank you for the most delicious smelling candles ever you guys know i'm a fanatic lol ...please support her its a quality product i guarantee it #litbrooklyn #mompreneursinbusiness

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The number has now raised to 25 missing girls and growing ... where is the team from criminal minds when you need them 😏...on a serious note can't see this on the tv but every minute the celebrity in chief on tv spewing his bs ..this is a crisis look at the price for these organs poor blacks definitely can't afford to pay for these so who really wrangling and them paying this amount of money for them 🤔🤔🤔 #staywoke

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Breakfast date with my babies🤗.... omari; cotton candy bagel with oreo cream cheese (too sweet for me😖), amir; rainbow bagel with regular cream cheese, me; rainbow bagel with garlic and herb cream cheese it was delish #yummy #thebagelstore #brooklyn

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Me when i workout at home 🙃

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Me yesterday acting a fool on my way to the event... (inside joke) i didn't meant to wear that head wrap i wore it in the shower and was running behind time after doing my makeup so decided to roll with it 🤣......i had such a wonderful time ... green is my favorite color 😀#brooklynnightbazaar #brooklynbazaar #raw #rawartist #cusp

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This made my heart smile this morning ...thank you @theiconicgirls for making me feel special on this day 💋♥️

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This wednesday march 15th come out and celebrate art and fashion i will be working in some of the models for hair and makeup..... @simplymaam .... link in my bio to purchase your tickets

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Get it done ✅ .... feels so good to be working from home oh how i wish this was an everyday thing.....

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Sunday dinner: parmesan garlic orzo pasta, chicken breast, string beans and spring mixed greens salad w/homemade greek yogurt balsamic dressing #ariacooks #yum #yummy #delicious #sundaydinner

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I had fun today 🤗tried something different .....

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Tomorrow tomorrow🔊🔊 come out and support i will be there @melaninboss #supportasista

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The ladies weren't playing yesterday i tend to somewhat agree with the young lady 😏

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One last reminder before this day is done we are all beautiful no matter the size,shape or skin tone and we are to be celebrated each and every day...there is a special place in my heart for all the real moms out there single or otherwise who sacrifice and just hold it down for everyone around them without breaking a sweat i salute you ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #internationalwomensday

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Happy international women's day

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♥️my skin & my hair and no you can't touch either one #melanin #myblackisbeautiful #naturalhair #locs photo: @illig_photography

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San loco comes through every time we were starving lol and i need one of those drinks right now @sha_lace

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I worry about my kids at times. your child could be deemed a criminal at any point even if they are innocent . #kaliefbrowder #kaliefbrowderstory #sad

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