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To pair with your favorite dress—and a handful of wildflowers. tap to shop these from etsy seller hammered love letters. (ps: they’re under $10.)

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What’s he thinking about? (shop the planter from @annscrocketeria via our link in bio.)

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This is a tissue box disguised as a couch disguised as a group of pandas. it even has pillows. tap our link in bio to shop it from etsy seller crafts by janet marie.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “we bought a queen bed from glen about over a month now and we are loving this bed. it's beautiful and extremely solid. the best part was selecting the wood pieces and the grain pattern for our bed, making it that much more unique and special for us. glen was also very accommodating and made a slat base for our bed at our request since our mattress required slats for breathing and support. we couldn't ask for a better bed and would highly recommend this bed to anyone.” - cl. get started on your dream bed with etsy seller away home collection via our link in bio.

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Just magic. artwork by @miacharro.

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This cake topper is a very good boy. tap our link in bio to shop it from etsy seller tia loves archie.

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Floral mix-and-match earrings are a thing, and we are 🌼here🌼 for it. handmade by @breadcrumbs_craft.

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How to be the life of the party before the party even starts: bring wine in macramé carriers. tap to shop them from @tiedandtruegoods!

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Yup. you can buy that on etsy. tap our link in bio to shop this handmade wooden swing from @pegandawl.

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A cactus pin in its natural habitat. tap to shop it from @sugarbrushdesign!

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Be right back. covering all our walls in these planet wall hangings. ps: you can customize the colors. ✨ tap our link in bio to shop them from @whiskerwoven!

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Home tour! ✨ our resident trend expert @daynaisomjohnson shares the freshest home decor looks for updating your space. watch as we tour through a home filled with southwestern decor, updated tie-dye accents, cut-out shapes, plus a unique spin on wallpaper.
shop the trends via our link in bio.

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