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Basquiat ✖️wooster but looking for disney ✖️gagosian. i ain’t afraid of the light if you know what i mean. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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You can’t see tones, ambiences, or aesthetics but they are there...in the slick smoothness of a jeff koons sculpture.
in the way you feel walking around your city.
in the knack and smack of trolling the internet.
in the angst of christmas shopping.
our current commercial aesthetic is linear, rectangular, forged over years by advertising, logic freak architects and compulsive industrial design.
to survive through the 21st century, we have to move from straight to curvy, pull off a global toneshift.

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A kid showed me a pic of kim and kanye and said this is the artist and the fashionista, show me better, i’ll wait. i showed him this and he said who the f**k are they?
i’m d**n near ready to quit instagram and write a book instead. i’m clearly out of touch. i’m not going to disrespect anybody out here and post these icons’ names. but, i will completely respect anyone who comes out and simply says, “i don’t know who they are but i’m open to learn.” i’m out here to educate, inspire, and sometimes entertain. cheers! ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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This is henri matisse. henri was an artist. henri had massive arthritis and couldn’t hold a brush anymore. henri was confined to a wheelchair. they told henri his days of being a great painter were over. what did matisse do? he got out the scissors and made it happen a different way. if you really want to do it you will, sickness, injury, naysayers, not even excuses will stop you. so, why aren’t you doing what you want to do again?

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Happy birthday to jay z who shares my love for art, being a smart ass, having dope chicks wearing our chains, and finally growing our hair out. i don’t have the billion dollars or the basquiat yet but i’m coming for you mr. carter!

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Apple makes computers and phones and louis vuitton started out making trunks back in 1854. the best things have a foundation in functionality. unfortunately today there is less and less emphasis on function and more on fashion and hype. learn the difference between a designer and a plagiarist, art and advertisement, and the difference between a genius and an influencer. you can’t have more than one goat and masterpieces are not mass produced. recognize real s**t when you see it and realize that a carefully curated life is not a real one. go see real art while you can, as often as you can before it turns into something the old masters wouldn’t even recognize. some of you will think this image is cool and the rest of you will understand that it’s actually not. it might be the future but if it is i need to talk to doc brown right away because i have a job to do. 1.21 jigowatts!

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I was invited to someone’s private museum. he and his wife told me i could look but not take pictures. i said oh i won’t use a flash. they said no you don’t understand, you can’t take pictures of our art. i said wait, you have amassed this comprehensive art collection, opened a museum, but you don’t want to allow pictures? they said yes we want to control who sees our works and how they see it. we want to control the narrative. i said you want to control how and when someone sees another artists’ work? you want to keep it to yourself just to say you can? they said,”it sounds so bad when you say it like that.” and kept on laughing. out of respect i will not take any pics until the next time i go, you guys will enjoy it the way the actual artists intended. just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you should buy it or own it. to me these clueless billionaires are no better than those who have zoos. i’d rather see animals in the wild and not in a 9x9 glass enclosure. thousandaire artists work being bought up, traded, and hoarded by billionaire showoffs who only want to show off to other billionaires by hiding their art away. 🤔

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What’s the resell on these murakami pancakes? asking for a friend...😂
breakfast of hypebeasts the world over. the grail of pancakes.

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I earned what they said i wouldn’t. got it they way they said i couldn’t. -yasiin bey formerly known as mos def
the way they do it might actually be impossible for you. there is a strong probability that you aren’t rich, don’t have powerful connections in the art world, or simply haven’t figured out how they do what they do. they want to play monopoly while we’re out here trying to play the game of life. they play checkers where everybody is either a nobody or a king. i’m playing chess and i understand the importance of everybody. i also realize that even the little people have the potential to be the most powerful on the board.

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Somebody said i was “inspiring.” no, maybe they said my ig was inspiring. i believe that art should be inspiring and not seen purely as an investment. so, on this throwback thursday what inspires me or how do i get inspired? i travel across the country and climb down rock faces and take myself to the edge of the grand canyon. the scale, the height, the depth, the vertigo, it’s all breathtaking. also, before i climbed out to take this picture the park ranger warned me that grand canyon national park loses 4 or 5 people per year to falls. no guard rails son, be careful. push the limits, take it to the edge, ignore the warnings, but heed the warnings. do epic s**t where others play it safe. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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Somebody told me i’ll never get some of the more expensive masterpieces i want and should stick to toys and prints. i said, “nah, i always aim higher.” just watch...

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Your only kaws pieces come from uniqlo and open editions? don’t give up, they did surgery on a grape.

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