Eric Wonderland Stop tossing around these random buzzwords “creatives” “the culture” and “influencer” and do something in the real world worth posting. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️
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Collectors gonna collect and stunters are gonna stunt. that’s the way it is.

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Eric in wonderland ✖️roy lichtenstein “life imitates art 2018”©️

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Thanks to the cuz @therealhennycutzondeck for another fresh cut. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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Sometimes you have to remind security that you’re not going to fight hundreds of people holding phones in the air obscuring your view of a masterpiece. by the time they got to me the damage had been done. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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This is me inside a jean dubuffet. when i said i was into art i meant all in.

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If the devil is in the details, welcome to hell...😈✖️✖️👿 (scroll for details)

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Gotta stop thinking small. d**n a 4 footer when there are 8 footers out there! think big! time to get exponential.

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There comes a moment in every person’s life when they realize they adore me. -salvador dali

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The short film that salvador dali and walt disney did together that was never given the light of day. can you hear the footsteps? they’re coming, ok gotta stop recording. enjoy. ✌🏽✖️🖤 from two of my idols.

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And then he asked me if i ever heard of mark rothko. i said yeah, another abstract expressionist, troubled genius who didn’t die exactly young (suicide) but much too soon. and the 1% has been making big profits off of his works for years. artists are fragile and not always as stable mentally or financially as you might think. sotheby’s money is not put directly into an artists bank account, that goes to the gallery or the flipper. i don’t know if that was a rant, hate, or a psa. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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Even basquiat had to get a little style inspiration from somebody. this is jean dubuffet kids. google him.

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