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Always support my boy @rosserriddle keeping the soul alive. what’s goin on ross?! hit up @truelovealwaysbk if you’re in the ny area. cool shop for sure! thanks again!

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Ok let me get up, get out, and get something. but first...starbucks to charge these batteries just like i forgot to charge my phone last night. but i’ve said too much already...enjoy your sunday ya’ll.

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

16 hours ago comment 3 star 73

Sunday is clean up day so get all your hyped garbage in order.

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Customs: what’s in the box? me: a bathing ape customs: could you step in this room please?

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Get your 🐥🐥🐥🐥

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Happy saint patrick’s day 🍀

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When hiroshi hit the stage...

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Reading murakami on a couch full of murakami. read books ya’ll.

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Happy 52nd birthday to vans (march 16,1966) always a classic!

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H&m has shown their true colors time and time again. it’s time for them to go!

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To all the kids who think they can buy their way into style. i give you no props for shopping and wearing everything all at once. you know who you are...

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Taking it back to the @trustocorp days. these were fun!

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The number one jersey in the tournament according to @complex lets hope that translates into defending our crown. go heels! and i hope duke goes out in the first round. let’s go iona. 😂 #heelpride #unc #northcarolina #unctarheels #tarheels

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H&m comes with another one...ugh!! thank you @kaws

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I never @faileart i just learn.

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Howdy doody i’m getting a warhol alert!

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A whole lot of murakami going on up in here...

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Hey mr. d.

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Bad boys go to heaven too. rip craig mack.

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