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They said @rowingblazers clubhouse was shutting down for a little while to do some renovations so i had to drop by and pick up a few more things. thanks to the boys running the show today, hospitality on point. cool digs, cool people, good conversation, and even a lesson or two. you got a real one @jackcarlson ✌🏽✖️🖤✖️🚣🏽‍♂️✖️✂️ cheers guys! just blaze!

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Off the beaten path in the carolina woods you make unexpected friendships with extraordinary people. somehow we all ended up in brooklyn and in our own different ways we all left. i’m not going back, i can’t reconnect but i keep with me the artist’s spirit and i do have your work to look upon whenever i want. if we could build a ladder that tall to come up and see you we would cause we’re down here and we miss you maine. ✌🏽✖️👨🏽‍🎨✖️👼🏽✖️🖤

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Me contemplating the upcoming basquiat show at the guggenheim.

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Not time for the big reveal just yet. ya’ll keep rocking hoodies and tees. we are @rowingblazers for 2019. big thanks to @jackcarlson for the inspiration. see you guys thursday for the next phase.

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It’s an #mjmondays and a great one after my north carolina tar heels completes the season sweep of the dook blue devils. jordan was always gonna defeat the monstars. go heels!

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There’s winners and there’s losers. go heels! 🧹season sweep!

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There was a time when people collected out of love and not clout. i remember when you collecting was nerdy and embarrassing, not trendy and hyped. my how things done changed. throwing it back for all the og’s out here. ✌🏽✖️🖤©️

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First i gotta thank @weargrits and the skull and bones gang for the inspiration and reminder that it’s f*t tuesday, the ending of mardi gras! do you know what it means to miss new orleans? 💜☠️💛☠️💚

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I believe deliberate practice, training, and perseverance will always win over so called god given talent. it is a beautiful thing to watch someone’s will and fortitude pay off after a time when most would have already given up on a seemingly impossible task. cheers to @jamesllewis for the inspiration.

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Where’d i go? back to the future of course.

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And duke goes down... go heels!!! cameron doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. yes i’m a tar heel so if you didn’t actually go to duke or the illustrious north carolina don’t @ me.

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