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Happiest i’ve been in my body in a minute. clean and consistent eating + minimal travel + so much dancing = happy and confident meeee:)
i’m most proud of myself because i’ve kicked the habit of extremes. it’s easy to get into a cycle of super strict dieting and then breaking down and binging. but this moderate diet i’ve found is reasonable and sustainable. it’s getting me to where i want to be at a slow and steady rate. definitely wanna make a video explaining my whole fitness journey because trust me there has been plenty of ups and downs over the past two years. if this photo gets 1000 comments i’ll record it this weekend❤️
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Had so much fun teaching the kids @cleartalentgroup audition!!! i remember signing with ctg literally the month before i moved to la and have been the happiest with them every since! feels so good to have such an amazing and supportive fam!
also huge thank you to my assistants❤️ @haleymessick @adam_vessy @evandebenedetto !

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Wow i haven’t posted a selfie in so long. happy monday y’all.
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Guys i just wanted to make something fun and lighthearted. so here it is!!!! y’all i’ve been trying to figure out how to label this weird jazz funk ishh, contempy, commercial fusion style and i’m at a complete loss so if y’all have ideas what to call this style plz let me know in the comments haha. seriously though it was so fun tip toeing out of my normal genre. i’m just way too happy in life to make depressing contemporary stuff right now haha. huge thank you to all the dancers who came through to learn this piece! please go show them some love on my youtube channel they are also amazing! link in bio!!!
choreo: @erica_klein
dancers: @erica_klein @jennazalvarez @kellysweeney1
filmed by: @timmilgram
studio: @tmillytv
music: i don’t care by @justinbieber @teddysphotos
full youtube video features: @jennazalvarez @kellysweeney1 @haleymessick @toshiyabetty @talisajade_
huge thank you to the best @timmilgram for capturing this!!!
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I’ve been reaching out to old and new friends these past few days and plan on continuing this spurt of socializing and making time for quality friendships. i can be quite the workaholic. but i’ve been thinking about how i initially fell in love with la because of the people. and i know that sounds weird because la is notorious for being filled with fake people. but coming to a city where i was instantly surrounded with people who all shared my passion for dance and art made me feel understood and accepted for the first time in my life. i know the industry can be tough but there’s a lot of good freaking humans in it. thank you guys for being my community. i feel like i belong here.
(i shared these words as a ig story last night but wanted to make it into a more permanent post)

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New class video live. link in bio!
thanks @danceon for hosting this class!
comment a ✨ if you like this one!
music: i could get used to this by @beckyhill @weisssound (tag them)
choreo/dance: @erica_klein
filmed by: @ryanparma
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Work so hard you don’t have time to compare yourself.
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First time taking a dance class in a minute. been on that video grind but so grateful to have a little break so i can get back to training!!! also this was my first time in @dexterbcarr ‘s class! loved it!!!
#dancediary i feel like i’m working harder than ever. i’m not allowing myself to mentally check out for one second while i’m in class and i’ve stopped making excuses for myself which is awesome! i need to work on maintaining my performance through the whole piece. it’s patchy and it really shows when i’m thinking extra hard about the next three moves. besides that though! super proud of myself haha.

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Where should we go on our next vacation???🏝☀️ jk i’m not going on vacation for a cute minute. we out here grinding every day and lovin’ it😌😂
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Lately i've been in a happy, light hearted mood and been making some more upbeat pieces! hope you guys enjoy! i thought the musicality of this breakdown was really interesting so i went ham with it! haha  huge thank you to all the talented dancers who come out to train! you guys inspire me every week! let me know in the comments what song i should make a class video to next! full youtube video is live link in bio!
choreo/dance: @erica_klein
music: move! @nikizefanya (tag her🙏🏽)
filmed by: @directedbyjon
studio: @tmillytv
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Lil thoughts @madisonbeer

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