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Because climbing the stairs and going down the waterslide all by himself before 2 years old isn't daring enough for this boy...

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All of me loves all of you. 💕

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I think it's safe to say they love it.

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Happy sunday

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First stop on the staycation: appleton building for kids.

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I was expecting literally nothing for valentine's day. not because my husband doesn't care, but because we said we weren't doing gifts. instead i got a night alone with my husband to watch tv uninterrupted. he planned and cooked supper, bought chocolate covered strawberries and my favorite wine. at one point i told him i didn't deserve him. but ya know what? 5 seconds later i changed my tune. i called b******t and said that everyone deserves this. everyone deserves a partner that puts forth enough effort to make them feel loved and listened to. it shouldn't be a privilege and it shouldn't be something that only happens once a year. i'm thankful to have a partner who supports me, and loves me, and tries for me. i forget to value myself, but he helps me remember. this year i vow to need less reminders. i deserve this. he deserves this. you all deserve this. happy valentine's day.

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How does one tiny person take up so much bed space?

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Dax really wants to help daddy do the kitchen.

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Disney on ice with our very own anna & elsa. ❄️❄️❄️

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"dax, say cheese"

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That's a lot of skin

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