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Get yourself a direwolf like chibi did, and the crown will be yours. #gameofthrones

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Kokoro & chibi go to their favorite park.

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Weekend (not at coachella) vibes 🎶 #whpvibes

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Girls this weekend be like 🌼👆🌸

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Please enjoy the sounds of chibi crunching away on some vegetables.

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We made a video about our weekend at the beach! watch the full vlog on youtube (link in bio) or head to my igtv 🤗👆

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In 2019, i've been trying to overextend less. this means saying yes to less projects, trying not to jam-pack my evenings and weekends, learning to stretch more, and devoting more time to peace, quiet, and belly rubs for the dogs. but my type a personality conflicts daily with my dream of being a couch potato.

recently, i added @curaleafhemp's cbd-infused products to my life and it's helped tremendously with my stress and productivity. we're also excited to try out their new line of pet-focused products for chibi's orthopedic issues. read more #ontheblog (link in bio).

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When mom makes you help with the household chores 🧺 (ugh, #kokoroblinked as usual)

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Chibi, you've got a view from the best seat in the house! 🤗

even seasoned travelers sometimes get the butterflies on a trip. we're sharing our experience of using @myhappypetsusa's zylkene® to help reduce kokoro & chibi's travel stress during our trip to new york last week. read more #ontheblog (link in bio). #keenonzylkene #ad

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New york city, you were kind to us (even though your uber drivers were not always so kind 🙊). check out our dog-friendly travel guide #ontheblog at the link in my bio!

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One size does not always fit all. cheebs and kokoro love @stellaandchewys lil bites, formulated especially for small breed dogs. because small dogs need small dog sized things!

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Short dog problems. #ijustwannaseetheworld 😭

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