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This song's been stuck in my head for a week already 🙈

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Drywall has been hung and this future closet is doggo-approved. just a couple more weeks before our rental unit is ready!

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*opens bag of chips*

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Wishing away monday 🙏

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Decisions, decisions...
(see the video version in my stories 🙊) #whpperspective

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(rhymes with moop) 👆

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Some prankster has gone and left this loaf of bread on my bed. very funny. bread belongs in the kitchen, nice try.

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Day 194. the corgis are starting to get suspicious. nevertheless we must push onwards. #undercoverkokoro

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Sundays are for being horizontal. leg use is optional.

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Started from the city now we here 🐄

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Every time i pull out my suitcase, this little derp thinks she’s coming with. sorry, not this time, cheebs 😭! i’ll say hi to your favorite nyc pigeons for you.

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I told them we're celebrating the long weekend with a picnic. they insisted we have 🌭!

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