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Caption: "when your child asks for help with his/her homework but you don't know it" 😁

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#ohemgeepraisesessions vol 1 now available on all online stores.
click on the link in my bio to get it on itunes and boomplay.

for other stores like apple music, spotify, amazon and the likes.. just search for "ohemgee praise sessions by emmaomg". happy sunday.

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Remember the jam session from @iamwoleoni in my last post?
i've finished my surgery on it 😁
🎵mo n ba o o wi awe (i'm talking to you man/woman)
cast your fears away
god will make a way🎵

full video on my youtube page
nb: you people should go to @iamwoleoni 's page and tell him to finish the best o..and he should invite me to his studio so we will finish the song 😉
happy sunday

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It's doing me like i should take this @iamwoleoni jam session to the #ohemgeeclinic o.. wetin una think?

see my next post

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Oya let's go and make today's couple happy. so help me god.

#mcalwaysontime #haaq18 #lgg #lookgoodingguys

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Lol #flashbackfriday
#emmaomgthemusicsurgeon #ohemgeeclinic
but igbo people una dey enjoy sha..hear sweet music style na.. whoever invented this ogene thing na genius!

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God is the powerful one!

#ohemgeepraisesessions now available on itunes, boomplay, spotify and all other platforms.

click on the link in my bio to get it on itunes and boomplay or... just search for emmaomg on your preferred platform and it will come up alongside my other releases.

thanks for your support 🙏


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#ohemgeepraisesessions now available on boomplay for the android users.
also on spotify, itunes and all other platforms.
just search for "emmaomg" or "ohemgee praise sessions"

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#ohemgeefunnies - "the strange member".
if na you wetin you go do?😢 sha be careful what you say with your mouth to yourself 😢

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As people have refused to read the caption on my previous posts let me just kuku post the picture gadagbagadagba lol.

link in my bio or just search for emmaomg on itunes or apple music.

available on all other platforms in a bit... #ohemgeepraisesessions vol1


biko read the caption above 👆🙏

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Now available on itunes and apple music!🕺🕺🕺 link in my bio (or just search for emmaomg on itunes or apple music)

make sure your dancing shoes are on before you get it😁

soon come on spotify, boomplay and other platforms

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We are now live on itunes and apple music 🕺

click in the link in my bio or just search for emmaomg.

thank you 🙏

spotify n other platforms ..soon come

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