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Did you know you could pray even while grooving?

click on the link in my bio for the full video.

happy sunday guys. go to church o.
#ohemgeesundaymorningworship #ohemgeelivebandsessions #tungbaislife

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Oya now! let's go on this fearless journey again with brethren @timgodfreyworld
me myself and i shall not carry last!

i am #fearless

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When he invites you to come netflix n chill but your mommy has warned you about dem demons.. #swingbacksaturday (😂) with @wofaifada

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Whatever you do today pls say a word of prayer for @ibrolee ..he needs it can 😂😂😂😂😂 regrann from @ibrolee - #fbf this is china ( i'm in my house come and beat me😂😂😂😂) 🎥- @ibash_em
song production by @iam_mcprinxlouis costume by @alat_apparels #china #blackchinese #thisisamerica #thisisnigeria #thisischina

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Where the talkingdrummers at?


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Sincerely i'm just trying out mixing on a new music production software i'm learning how to use ni... so i just thought not to waste the trial 🙈
pls help me tag kiki 😭
nb: ilaje people have some of the best harmonies in the world 😍😍😍..this my own wasn't even close.

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Lmao this writeup from my sister is the absolute truth about my mom.
choi...it is well...

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Regrann from @bwetv - hi guys,bwe is rolling out an opportunity that will be of help to you and your skill.
come enhance your skill with our 1 month intensive training class on fields listed below.
- photography
- video editing
- music production - piano training - audio engineering .
highlights - practical session , certificates manual & videos
to register,kindly visit the website noted on the image above.
registration ends,31th july ends,6th august
#bwetv #multimediatrainingclass - #regrann

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7 years later and i still miss her ... i still weep when i think of those last minutes... above all i thank god for giving me such an amazing mom and i am most grateful because she lived her life for christ hence i know she is in a better place.

keep resting mommy.

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I heard this song on radio, cool fm specifically, and i literally had to buzz @taymib on whatsapp to give me the details.
since then i have been "kpanlad" on the song! too unique..too sweet!! i just had to share it.. if you know the guy pls tell him to keep it coming..and not trade this uniqueness in his sound for anything o abeg.

nb: i don't even know him but his works speak for him. 👏👏👏 his name is jinmi abduls

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