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The kid is off to college. i’m gonna miss you lots buddy.

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Posting these with the full intention of getting gassed up

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I’m sitting higher than them because i’m more successful

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Officially no longer a teen

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This is america

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The past few weeks have not been fun mentally. i don’t know what happened or why it has only just begun but i’ve began to hate myself physically.
i never used to. i never used to think about my appearance at all. which is why i think looking at mirror and now thinking words like “disgusting, fat, hideous, repulsing” has been having a huge toll on my mental health.
i asked my brother to take this photo of me so i could post it. i’ve been avoiding cameras and mirrors all week so i thought this would be a good way to rip the bandaid. i hope one day i’ll be able to look at a photo like this again and not feel ashamed. i’m working on it- so just bare with me in the meantime.

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‪i guess copying other kids’ work for years actually does pay off‬

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Baby jay jay is off to prom

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Youtube freshmen

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Once you kiss a canadian, you never go back

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I got my first magazine cover

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