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The real ten year challenge

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Proof that it does get better after high school

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Look at me looking all hot in my

new f*****g merch baby

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Sitting here wondering how jay feels about me being the hotter, smarter, more talented, and more successful sibling

January 2019 comment 1,311 star 217k

New year. new wardrobe.

January 2019 comment 2,574 star 248k

Here’s a picture so you can show santa what you want

December 2018 comment 765 star 175k

So fetch

December 2018 comment 1,477 star 201k

Hey 2016 elle working her a*s off to get 1000 subscribers

keep at it

i think you’re gonna be very happy with the results #youtuberewind :)

December 2018 comment 685 star 118k

‪in honour of it being one year, meet the girl behind my coming out video‬ :)

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November 2018 comment 7,225 star 261k

‪i keep reaching these goals in my life that i expect will make me happy‬ ‪and they never do‬ ‪but i mean i’m happy with these pics so baby steps‬ (photo: @jessicadeeks for the washington post)

October 2018 comment 411 star 107k

Karma’s a b***h

October 2018 comment 191 star 86,475