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Every time i see an icy environment it blows my mind, it’s so majestic; colors the symmetry and the textures. very cool, literally ❄️ | by @care_much

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Dos con todo por favor 🌮 | by @care_much

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Buenos días nueva york ☕️
- by @care_much

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Backstage nyfw🎩
glad i met you @dylansprouse 🤙🏻 | by @care_much

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Valentine’s day 🌹 w/ @hannahstocking @kingbach @taylorcutfilms @directedbystro tag someone that got messed up by cupid 🏹

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New york... a city that has always blown my mind. never would have thought i was gonna meet my girl here, and now by coincidence - to be here in san valentin. happy valentine’s day loca @carmellarose 🌹

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Back in the big apple for nyfw 2019, thank you @boss

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Experiencing a shot of tequila for the first time 😜 w/ @twan @trackabangbang

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One of the most magical moments of my life. it’s so crazy to be next to these majestic creatures, so powerful but yet so peaceful.

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The story behind “cheers” 🥂 - w/ @spence @directedbystro - tag a friend you would cheer with ⬇️

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Been enjoying my city these past couple days... swipe to see more about mexico 🇲🇽 | by @care_much

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#lovearmymexico | swipe 💪🏻
ella es ivonne. aún recuerdo cuando le enseñamos su maqueta (swipe) y no lo podía creer. la luz y gratitud en sus gestos es de las cosas más bonitas que he presenciado. gracias ivonne por abrirnos tus puertas con amor, paciencia y con tus deliciosos tacos. hoy finalmente es el día en que te entregamos tus llaves. gracias a todos ustedes por hacer esto posible. gracias ivonne por tu confianza. una casa más, una familia mas. y no nos detendremos.
seguiremos trabajando ⛑

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