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Tag a marvel fan and dont say anything 🤣 w/ @hannahstocking @spence @adamw @twan @directedbystro

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Where to begin... a couple months a go @shots was talking to the team about a possibility to create something in partnership with @netflix & @netflix lat... as a content creator, listening to something like that is mind blowing, because beyond acting, it meant a full creative trust on developing something for the biggest content king platform - even though its for youtube, it meant the world for the entire @shots team. @rudymancuso sacrificed all of his time and sleep to make this the best it could be, he’s an amazing director and i can’t wait to see the world react to his work. i promise you we took this opportunity with huge responsibility, respect and commitment knowing the massive popularity of black mirror and deliver something their devoted audience would enjoy and for those (very little) who haven’t seen the show, try to give them an amazing bit of what the show is about. this is my second time working with @netflix but this occasion in a different way, and i couldn’t be more humbled and grateful to be part of it, specially considering everyone involved is close to each other. thank you @netflix for taking a risk, always being disruptive and believing in us, it truly means the world for creators. i hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did creating it. be ready to see a very different “juanpa.” someone that works 9 to 5, with anxiety and lack of confidence, who seems to find his solution through a product... be ready! stories inspired by black mirror.

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Verde 🍁🌱🍃🌿 | whats your favorite emoji? ⬇️ by @taylorcutfilms

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Light is one of the most interesting things to play with when taking pictures. me and @taylorcutfilms were shooting randomly across the streets in melrose and we found this corner, we kinda tested trying to play with the shades, crazy how the pic came out. one of my favs.

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Missing dubai 🏜 | where would you want to travel? ⬇️

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Classic hermanos (swipe) 🎩 🎞

my brother @andymtzurita and i stumbled upon martín (swipe picture 3) with his classic camera. i was genuinely and instantly amazed by it and asked him if he could take a picture of us and explain the process. basically by creating a small opening in the camera’s lens, it captures the reflect of the light of the object (us) and it records it to create an image on a piece of film called negative (swipe picture 5). then he takes another picture of the negative upside down because it works like a mirror, and bam! final product is created in about 15 minutes total. not to mention all the chemical processes that ocurre in this procedure, but anyways... how crazy is it that all of that is integrated in our phones. it’s so easy and quick! just blows my mind how fast technology has evolved and where it’s going. so cool to see and understand the beginning of content creation, and what it has become today with social media... 🤯. thank you for the picture, martín 🎞

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I usually dress with neutral colors but i think i’m going to start rocking more colorfulnesss! happy sunday and happy mother’s day to all your mamás! | by @jessicache

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Happy mother’s day @terearellanos ! yes... in mexico we celebrate it on may 10th 🇲🇽

ma! gracias por absolutamente todo. gracias por tu dulzura, tu manera tan positiva de ver la vida y por tener el corazón más grande del mundo. gracias por regañarme cada vez que llego tarde y por ese un (si solo 1) chancletazo que alguna vez me diste. formaste a el hombre que soy hoy! y gradezco todos los días por tenerte en mi vida, me siento afortunado de tener a una mamá como tu. por esto y más hoy celebra porque tienes la medalla de oro. te amo ma!

¡felicítenme a todas sus bellas madres en este día! y disfruten a su familia.

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Men in the kitchen 😜 w/ @rosannapansino @directedbystro (tag that friend)

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Rise and shine! new @acapellaco season has dropped! proud to announce all the new products the team has been working on. check out this pull over and all the new stuff link in bio 💫💣

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Feels good to be back home 🇲🇽 | by @care_much

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The brain! i found out about @shelbyandsandy work and absolutely loved it. i’m a big fan of art and i believe their style is very unique. couple months a go i reached out to them with an idea! one of the most important processes of my job is “brainstorming”, pushing our minds to find the best way to execute an idea, make sure it’s polished and we give you the best punches. and out of this concept they surprised me with this insane artwork! i have no words to thank you enough for this @shelbyandsandy ! this will now for ever be an inspiration for pushing through and being creative at the most. go check out the video we posted on @shelbyandsandy account and drop a 🧠!

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