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Wandering through the mosques of iran.
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Hilo, hawaii – an early sunrise boat ride to watch molten lava flow into the ocean and create new land.
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The ayacucho region of peru
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An eco hotel in singapore 🌿
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Havasupai falls, arizona
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Over a year ago, mount agung in bali erupted, sending plumes of ash up to 2.5 miles (4km) high.
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The rain vortex at the center of the jewel changi airport in singapore. it’s the tallest indoor waterfall in the world at 40 meters. the waterfall cascades through an oculus in the middle of the airport’s glass roof.
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Cherry blossoms in bonn, germany
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Oasis villa in the desert of dubai.
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Happy earth day! it’s time for a reality check. polar expedition photographer @johnbozinov knows the antarctic better than most and he can see climate change warming antarctica at an accelerating rate before his eyes. the animals who live here are already living in the world’s most extreme environment, struggling to survive on the absolute edge of what life can tolerate. the added pressure of human-induced climate change is changing their environment at a rate that is too fast for them to adapt and many simply can’t survive. the only way to fix the problem is to embrace renewable energy and radically transform our lifestyles. the tide is turning and it’s time for change. #earthday #earthday2019 -
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Chand baori – the stepwell of jaipur, india
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Cherry blossom season in japan 🌸
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