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1 of us shot a 59 today. ⛳️

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Literally, everyone who filled out a bracket:

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March madness has arrived. πŸ€

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The rage monster returns! 😑😑😑 link in bio! <march madness starts tomorrow!!>

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March madness stereotypes is live!! <link in our bio> πŸ€ || comment ur fav:

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March madness stereotypes is live!! <link in bio> comment your favorite: 😑?

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You guys are the bomb! #28million

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Our 15th stereotype video launches this monday! comment predictions for march madness stereotypes:

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“no way.”

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Which was worse... left or right:

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Search “cheese weasels” in the itunes to support our favorite local band! these guys are great & their new hit song “good news” is climbing the charts! #beaweasel #tothetop #goodnews

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Overtime episode 2 is live! <link in bio> #beaweasel

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Overtime 2 launches in t-minus 4 hours! || comment predictions for our new segment... sing song:

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Overtime episode 2 launches tomorrow @ 6/5c!

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Is it monday yet?! #episode2

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Tomorrow is friday!! who else is pumped!?

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Comment ur favorite 🏈 record:

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Get ready to vote in march! thanks @nickelodeon! #kca

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Double tap for overtime episode 2 launching 1 week from today!! #coolnotcool #singsong #absurdrecurds #wheelunfortunate

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New swag! <link in bio>

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