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For business minds like myself... (luke 5vs16)
* know when to withdraw from work. it is not in the crowd one commune, be with family, sleep or relax. *never allow people (customers) choke you up to the point you are just attending to their needs alone. * in the midst of praises and accolades, find time to be alone to refresh, re-strategies , rekindle and be revived. (don't settle on yesterday's glory, grown daily) * know when there's a need for more hands ( you only have two hands, you can't do it all alone)

kindly drop more business /life tips in the comment box that has and is helping your life become better...

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Humility pays...... @regrann from @naijastartups: #thehumblehustle .
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@regrann from @lagosmums: woosah! there are some times you just got to put it all in perspective and be thankful even during those moments that can stretch you as a mama! tag a mum who needs to hear this 🙆🏽🙏🏽 .
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@regrann from @bellanaijaonline: keep on keeping on. as long as the sun shines and the rain falls, you will succeed. 🙏

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@regrann from @thegodlycouple: “marriage requires humility and service. find someone who can follow jesus with you.”

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@regrann from @drshogo: kindly spare me few mins
remember lot’s wife! luke 17:32 niv
remember lot’s wife?
lot’s wife looked back. she took her eyes off the path of the lord. she looked back to the world instead of forward to god’s plan for her life.
prior to god destroying s***m and gomorrah, abraham pleaded with him on the people’s behalf. abraham bargained with god until it was clear there was no one righteous.
in god’s mercy, he allowed abraham’s nephew lot and his family to escape, but he gave strict instruction to them not to look back. lot’s wife, consumed perhaps with the sin in the city she was leaving behind, looked back and was instantly turned into a pillar of salt.
jesus told us to remember lot’s wife.
when we look back, when we fail to see jesus. we are taken from the blessings and protection that comes from following god exclusively and left to our own defense. our independence causes us to miss the mercy of god.
have you been drifting from the truths you know? have you been wandering in your faith? have you been neglecting your obedience to god? have you taken your eyes off christ?
remember lot’s wife today!
my name is dr shogo-the pathfinder

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@regrann from @nathanielblow: 10. things “yahweh” means
devotional by john piper

god also said to moses, “say this to the people of israel: ‘the lord, the god of your fathers, the god of abraham, the god of isaac, and the god of jacob, has sent me to you.’ this is my name forever, and thus i am to be remembered throughout all generations.” (exodus 3:15)
god’s name is almost always translated lord (all caps) in the english bible. but the hebrew would be pronounced something like “yahweh,” and is built on the word for “i am.” so every time we hear the word yahweh, or every time you see lord in the english bible, you should think: this is a proper name (like peter or john) built out of the word for “i am” and reminding us each time that god absolutely is.

there are at least 10 things the name yahweh, “i am,” says about god:

1. he never had a beginning. every child asks, “who made god?” and every wise parent says, “nobody made god. god simply is. and always was. no beginning.” 2. god will never end. if he did not come into being he cannot go out of being, because he is being.

3. god is absolute reality. there is no reality before him. there is no reality outside of him unless he wills it and makes it. he is all that was eternally. no space, no universe, no emptiness. only god.

4. god is utterly independent. he depends on nothing to bring him into being or support him or counsel him or make him what he is.

5. everything that is not god depends totally on god. the entire universe is utterly secondary. it came into being by god and stays in being moment by moment on god’s decision to keep it in being.

6. all the universe is by comparison to god as nothing. contingent, dependent reality is to absolute, independent reality as a shadow to substance. as an echo to a thunderclap. all that we are amazed by in the world and in the galaxies, is, compared to god, as nothing.

7. god is constant. he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. he cannot be improved. he is not becoming anything. he is who he is.

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