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Hey hooman i still want to be treated like a puppy, too!!!
πŸ“Ή @lurademiri

14 hours ago comment 73 star 5,728

Don’t forget to dry the chops!
πŸ“Ή @tuckerbudzyn

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Dreaming of dropped hot dogs and squirrels 🌭🐿
πŸ“Ή @ruathecutia

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Nuzzle for a nuzzle?
πŸ“Ή @jaxandelle

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Dat πŸ‘… doe
πŸ“Ή via @wethedogsnyc
🐢 @tippertails

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I swear i didn’t go in the mud!! idk what you’re talking about, hooman 🀷‍♀️
πŸ“Ή @purelypluto

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On our way to work to discuss the final episode of got like..
πŸ“Ή @freepeople

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True love is wearing a glove to still play fetch with your slobbery love bug ♥️
πŸ“Ή @kernelthegreatdane

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All hail the queen of brooklyn! πŸ‘‘ (sound on)
πŸ“Ή @sheepadoodle

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Warning: may cause instant dog stardom (keep fluffy humble).
🐢 @purewow

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10/10 πŸ₯‡
πŸ“Ή @akikoujill

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Double trouble 😈
πŸ“Ή @molsonandmaple

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