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My kids are at this super fun age right now and we are spending a lot of time together.
unfortunately, when you have a passion for things like cars, the events and meets connected with cars are one of the first things that “take a backseat” when it comes to family.
particularly challenging is that often times we find new family in those very people connected with the scene. it can be tough to find a balance.
driven vancouver, last saturday, was a perfect opportunity for me to blend in family and cars. an event that welcomes my kids and the next generation of gear heads!
i saw so many great friends connected to the scene, social media friends, and many new faces too. my far-reaching f7lthyfamily representing strong too!
i was able to finally take some of my rides to a show with a mod/tuner focus. my nsx for example has only been to sema and the vancouver international autoshow so far.
i want to thank the team at driven and mark seto for bringing their show to vancouver and helping perpetuate the scene and provide a setting for us to connect and be inspired. 🙏🏼 super special shoutout to all the fam helping me to get setup at the show! susie,saidh,jacky @vancityvinyl, kyle @g37_kyle, will, kevin @midvan_motors, nathan @nathan_kowalski, jarrod @group6ix, tim @hzemall pat, and the @tfc_designs crew, serialnine gerard and kevin!
my fellow f7lthy hardcore boothmates at kaltire @saisei_db240z bill &dylan, @candsperformance the professor/phd/drdre/madscientist & @gracieroxy11 love u guys! the mf styleboyz showing support in person and social media @ji_gtr @aymenclark @moliuuuu @lordjlam. mega love to my 🔥🔥🔥 janesta and the zillaz. all the f7lthyfam from social media who came out and support us always ❤️❤️❤️ i’m so glad you love the builds. even happier to shake hand s and chat all day about cars and life!! so many great enthusiasts came out too! so great connecting with these folks that i respect and glad they share their insane cars. you guys inspire me!
i was honoured with some awards:
best in show - acura (nsx)
best in show - exotic (ferrari)
best in show - 4x4 (jeep)
best stance- nsx
o.g. award- best old guy/dad bod 🤔😬😃
i’m super humbled 🙏

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Father’s day
in my life... that’s an open concept.
for those out there lucky enough to have a good father in their lives, count your blessings for that wonderful gift.
growing up after my dad was killed when i was 11, fathers day was hard and i pretty much didn’t care for the day.
no dad?...no biggie. it only meant that other people had to pick up some of the ‘dad’ role.
advice, discipline, help, perspective...
sometimes my mom was my dad. other times my older sister was my dad. they were enough (often more than enough) and i was lucky to have them in my life.
when you lose family or someone is taken away, it obliges you to value family and perhaps take on a new role. however hard things may seem during those times, i have found that those times can make you build tremendous character and can be very eye opening.
so when it comes time to play the role of a father, or good uncle, or brother... you darn well give it your 100% to those you love.
fathers day is a thank you for all those people out there who have filled those shoes. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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@drivenshow hosted a killer show yet again. every car there was unique, but i have to say my favourite car there had to be this beast!
liberty walk nsx!
owner: @doczilla12

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like it was sent down by the gods themselves.
@doczilla12 never fails to impress
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g zilla

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@drivenshow was pretty awesome! unique cars on every corner. @doczilla12 ‘s incredible libertywalk nsx still managed to stand out 💪🏼

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