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I’m enamored by those who write well. some of my friends think i write well, but the truth is – i just know a lot of words, and sometimes i manage to string those words together into coherent sentences. but it’s the poets, the authors, the musicians or even the stand-up comics that really speak to me - they just have a natural flair of articulating feelings and perspectives in the most magical of ways. we all need to find ways in which to express ourselves (which i do so primarily through photography), but we also need to find mediums with which we ourselves most identify - and the two don’t necessarily have to be the same. i don’t really know where i was going with this rant – but food for thought, maybe? have a wholesome week, folks! ❤️

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No better in-flight entertainment than flying over the himalayas at dawn ✨

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If you think i look cool holding a bow and arrow at this stunning archery ground in ladakh, swipe ➡️ to watch me fail miserably at it 😂
on another note, happy teacher’s day to all those out there who have been a source of inspiration and learning to me. whether you were a teacher in the classroom, a parent, friend, or a passing stranger - i thank you all 🙏
also, any archery teachers out there? asking for a friend 😄

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Most settlements in the high-altitude regions of nepal are sparse, stark and outfitted with the barest of amenities. but oh do they have the most spectacular backyards ✨

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Happy friday folks! i’ve been super caught up with work lately, but i always have time to reminisce about this near perfect espresso sippin’ spot ☕️✨

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A captivating airstrip ~ using #nokia8sirocco to capture this surreal moment in all its glory! it’s only onwards and upwards from here ✨#mynokiamoment #photooftheday #ladakh #himalayas @nokiamobilein

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When the stars don’t come out to play, but the clouds make do alright ☁️✨

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Just got back from another amazing trip to ladakh, and i’m looking forward to sharing some exciting content soon! the last time i spent a good chunk of time in this region was during a crazy winter expedition to stok kangri, so this time around i was more than happy to frolic in the flowers instead 😄🌸

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I was stoked when i found out i was going to be in ladakh for the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. but the weather gods didn’t exactly share my enthusiasm at first. it was cloudy pretty much all day and all night yesterday. i woke up at various points in the night to check on the sky, but there was zero visibility. finally, at 2:15 am the clouds parted and gave me a glimpse of the blood moon. after scrambling around in the dark, i managed to get a few shots off before the clouds stole the moon away again. hours spent in the cold and dark, in and out of sleep; for a few moments of this phenomenon. was it worth it? heck, yes.

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I claim i like to walk at the back of the pack so i can focus more on photography, but really i’m just lazy 🤷‍♀️

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‘have you let yourself feel how small you are? suspended in this great darkness, among the scattering of light; i imagine there is more to this than we may ever know. other worlds - gone and coming. the planet rearranges life like poetry. and here, as a spectacle and a spectator, i find that there is nothing more beautiful than this: to wonder’ #whplookup

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At 15,580 ft, gokyo is one of the highest settlements in the world. and waking up here before dawn is no easy task in the cold; but as you watch the mist glide over the glacial lake of dudh pokhari, and the snow-capped peaks catch fire up above you - you realize even slumber would have had a hard time being so dreamy ✨

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