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Lo que es bueno hoy quizás no lo sea mañana - celia cruz #azucar _____________________________________________________________ dress @fashionnova use code ➖xodeysi➖ 'nicole belted dress' belt @kamsclothing shoes @forever21

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#ad back on that @flattummyco shake it baby, got to keep it going! it’s time to step up and get snatched. i usually replace one meal for the shake, check them out! 😉

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Lost in my thoughts and always day dreaming #alwaysdreambig #anythingcanhappen #itsapiscesthing ____________________________________________ dress @fashionnova 'gracelyn off the shoulder' true to size very stretchy.

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People; where do you go dressed like that? me; walmart & starbucks 😎 ____________________________________________ outfit @fashionnova 'team effort jumpsuit' use code ➖xodeysi➖ has a lot of stretch go down a size or two 😉 #milfmoney #lafajafantastica

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New nails who dis? after 5+ with claws i'm back to square nails. #morechangetocome

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Anotha one! lips @jeffreestarcosmetics 'redrum' & 'anna nicole' #deysidanger

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Everything red 💋

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I normally don't post anything like this, it's out of my comfort zone and i just ask myself what will my kids think? i'm a mother! also i'm not good at dancing 😅 but last night i had such a great time with my friends anytime i'm with @hankandhenry_ & @ladydanger.1 it's a memorable night. yesterday i had a tough day and i was overwhelmed with life. i didn't even want to attend the event. but sometimes you just got to have a drink let lose and enjoy life with the people that love you and support you. i always think no i can't do this or that because it looks bad, i'm a mom, or what are people going to say. not no more! i'm officially in birthday mode, getting my body snatched, and living my best life! cheers to a new year with a different attitude 😊 walk up in this b***h like i own the hoe 🎶 - rihanna _____________________________________________________________ also this @fashionnova jumpsuit had a b feeling herself and body was pushing all the way thru 💯⏳🍑 use code ➖xodeysi➖ _____________________________________________________________🤚🏾negative comments will get you blocked!✋🏾

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Last nights face for the @nyxcosmetics party 💃🏻

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Love them so much! ❤@egyptianqueenbeauty _____________________________________________________________ outfit @fashionnova 'tuxedo jumpsuit'

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Shades of blue 🌌 lips @jeffreestarcosmetics 'jawbreaker & velvet blue' #deysidanger

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Get you a pisces 💙 #piscesgang _____________________________________________________________ dress @fashionnova 'guangzhou ruched dress' in xl very stretchy go down a size if you want it to s****h you 😉 as always use code ➖xodeysi➖ and save some shmoney honey!

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🐾🐆 never concerned with the opinion of sheep. _____________________________________________________________ dress @fashionnova #mommadanger #curvesoncurves

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Sup! _____________________________________________________________ jumpsuit @fashionnova 'kenna metallic jumpsuit' use code ➖xodeysi➖

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Happy monday kittens! remember to, ask, believe, and receive and most importantly be grateful for what you do have! ❤ #cominginhotin2018 #positivevibes

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Childhood friendships make the most beautiful memories ❤ 1-4-18 #babyamiguitas #comadritas _____________________________________________________________ shirts @target juniors dept

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The transfer of energy is real, remember that. #vibes

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Getting better with time 🍷 _____________________________________________________________➡️jumpsuit from @fashionnova 'beastly beauty' xl true to size has medium stretch. i wish i would of gotten a better picture because this jumpsuit is 🔥 it hugged my body in all the right places. i'll wear it soon again and get a better photo 😌 #fashionnova #grownfolksbusiness

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Snapchat files 🤳🏽 _____________________________________________________________ lipstick @jeffreestarcosmetics 'baby daddy' lip liner @morphebrushes 'back seat' use code danger 😉 #makeuptalk

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In the pale moonlight _____________________________________________________________ dress @fashionnova 'wild rider leather'

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