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My version of francis ponge’s “making of the pré” (a sink) - took a video of my kitchen sink from above while i washed the dishes
- painted the dish washing from video reference, only painting surfaces i touched
- photographed the painting and extruded the pixels based on their light value to the bounds of my original sink
- tilted it on a black background

#painting #oilpainting #wip #grasshopper #rhino #field

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Kenzo tange, plan for tokyo bay, 1960

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West texas oil field
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Found a beautiful stitch in west texas while google earth driving tonight #googleearth #landart

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Artemisia in the morning
silver green, a bloom adorning
held within each sagey whorl
a diamond dewdrop glowing born

oh hail, feel the burning
deepest, brightest, fervent yearning
candle flame afraid to show
shielding it nobody knows

still they saw
they blooms they blow
tender, furry, buffalo
by honeybees and bumble friends
do they know the fall draws to an end

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Synesthetic seating chart . each cell represents the color pattern i associate with a peer’s name
#map #painting
#mentalmap #gis

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Outdoor shower:
path traces of me rinsing off with a garden hose ordered;
1 min shower following the hose path
1 min shower following scrubbing hand and head position
2 min shower following the hose path
2 min shower following scrubbing hand and head position
3 min shower following the hose path
3 min shower following scrubbing hand and head position

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I made a hose
i put a contact mic on a hose while rinsing off. then i took the sound wave from that audio file and revolved it with a different command than intended. that sort of looked like a hose... so tuned it just a little and rendered it on some fluffy turf. new hose from hose recording.
#gradschool #shower #newhose #rhino #architectureschool #outdoorshower

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Blocking painting from google earth
#wip #satelliteart #landart #googleearth #space #paint #painting #acrylicpainting

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It’s been the luckiest of summers with this little beauty🤗❤️🌺❤️🏄🏻‍♂️

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Same site looking south
#googleearth #satelliteart #landart

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Unfiltered shots near the corner of saudi arabia
#googleearth #geomodification

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