Darner Socks Unique cut-and-sew intimates line comprised of luxury socks. Designed and produced in Los Angeles. http://www.darnersocks.com/
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Lavender mesh with maryam nassir zadeh shoes

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Black tulips mesh

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Pink foil mesh

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Our darner lookbook featuring our new daisy mesh style

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We are so excited to have @darnersocks featured on @instagram and @shop today. check out both of their ig stories for a peek into darner. thank you so much @jackieshuyatan and @evachen212 🧦

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Mini dots mesh

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Introducing our new daisy floral mesh

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Caramel tulips floral mesh

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Happy birthday to @double3xposure shown in our caramel plaid mesh leaving the miu miu show

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Solid spicy red mesh

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Jade green mesh on @meganadelaide

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White cage mesh

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