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I’m going to miss my daddy so so much.
the best years of my life are over. i can’t have the best years without my mom and now my dad. it’s too much for my heart
thank you all for your unconditional love and support for my sister @every1_loves_e and i during this difficult time.
#freddypolanco #freddyenriquepolanco #daddysgirl #myfavoritedancepartner #myworld #mypainintheass #missmydaddy

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True heels royalty @hellojonte is subbing my class tonight!
9 pm @peridancecapeziocenter
when it comes to men doing this, he is the reference of life, period! only ignorance would disagree.
throwback of jonte and i at lpr to perform a tribute for voodoo. we miss and love you brother
#makeup #jontemoaning #jontekookmoaning #wheretheelitemeet #heelsroyalty #makeup #daniellepolanco #thecooltable #forvoodoo #voodooray #voodoorayforever #yourfavoritereference
fyi anyone performing at carnival...good luck! it’ll be at lpr, meaning only the 1st 3 rows will see the not so epic performances.....lol! i’m joking... @thederrellbullock’s number will be great!!!!

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Tonight!😁#repost @lovebreakparty ・・・
🎶”tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from
ipanema goes walking
and when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah
when she walks, she's like a samba that swings so cool and sways so gentle
that when she passes, each one she passes goes - ooh
(ooh) but i watch her so sadly, how can i tell her i love her
yes i would give my heart gladly,
but each day, when she walks to the sea
she looks straight ahead, not at me
tall, and tan, and young, and lovely, the girl from ipanema goes walking
and when she passes, i smile - but she doesn't see (doesn't see)
(she just doesn't see, she never sees me, ...)”🎶-the girl from impanema/antonio carlos jobim / sung by lou rawls circa 1966

awww shucks, nick knack patty snacks! looks like we’ve got a new room! roof top crown....just how lovebreakers like it. grown and sexy. just in time for summer sunsets with “tall and tan” lovelies swaying in the warm evening breeze. come see our new fabulous new space and hang out with our lovely lady rockers dj’s kamala and soniwithaneye. they keep it tight all night. special party guests @wildcatebonybrown 💃🏾
birthday celebration for @deejaychi69 🕺🏽 when: wednesday 4/3/2019 9pm-2am
where: the crown rooftop 50 bowery
‪the lovebreak crew‬: @soniwithaneye @kamalamuse
@tqlikesit2 @dannip18 @azucaco @theonlyantyonle

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Thinking of you

marjory smarth forever
live true dance free

all hail the queen
#marjorysmarth #marjorysmarthforever #restinparidise #ripmarjory #icon #legend #livetruedancefree

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Congrats to @janetjackson
what an unforgettable day. 2006 latex ball at roseland ballroom.
my mother and sister got to meet the queen as well as some of my ninja family. this was my fams introduction to my ballroom life, 2nd time walking a ball thanks to willi. my first ball isn't filmed..... it was at the omni ninja ball that no one went to. you know everyone supports you when you're gone 😏 anyshway he made sure i had a catsuit even on his death bed and thank goodness because this moment changed my life. my mom and sis fell in love with the ballroom world and made it their biz to go to many latex balls. i know willi and hector are taking care of you mommy! now you’re at the ultimate ball with the untouchable icons looking at us like ‘good luck’ 😬
ballroom has changed so much so i’m beyond grateful that u got yo experience ballroom when i did.

best line of the night ”i need to see a b****t to be sure” @jackmizrahi
#loveyoumommy #lovemymommy #helenpolanco #thepolancos #elainepolanco #janetjackson #latexball #latexball2006 #roselandballroom #wheretheelitemeet #ballroomlife #helenalayon #houseofninjadays #alwayswillisdaughter #dontforget #mothertaughtmebest #bothmothers

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Roll it and light it for me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jasonderulo @zyxzjs @nct127 -
-lay & nct choreo by myself @maho_udo & @ewdoctor -derulo choreo @thejeremystrong @valentinenorton -derulo zouk section myself and @jeremey_adam_rey
it’s really not hard to give credit and thanks to those who contribute. everyone involved made a difference and i’m grateful to have worked with you all to pay homage to an icon.

#jasonderulo #layzhang #nct127 #letsshutupansdance #7six9 #daniellepolanco #jeremystrong #ewdoctor #mahoudo #jeremeyadamrey #zouk #versitile #mjtribute #wheretheelitemeet #thegreatestdancer #danceroyalty

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Congratz queen @janetjackson
looked at @solundy’s post and was just reminded of my fav moment of last year. choreographing and putting all these amazing dancers together was such a dream. @amarimonster i’m beyond thrilled that i got to share this moment wit you. who would have thought...the summer before we’re working in sicily and the next i’m telling you how great you look on screen. your choreography and your power is very much needed and gives me so much hope for the future. love you!!
i can’t forget to thank @omari_mizrahi too. i begged you to be in it and you left russia early to help and be a part of this. i don’t forget anyone who does assists with steps and vibes and your presence made everyone come to life even more. love you omari!
oh and how can i forget @ghsduldulao? thank you for your amazing guidance and presence mr. structure king!!! ————————————————————————no one does it alone. everyone here was hired for their brilliant talent and love for what they do. i know everyone was so grateful that @ewdoctor and i thought of them to be in this video...but what did you expect? get the wackest people? come on now....it was @davemeyers directing @janetjackson for pete sake.

more than anything i can’t stand how @thederrellbullock got everything mad fast and clean. extremely annoying 🙄

thank you allllllll @tweetboogie @adoralynnn @richrich9 @hurrikane_alain @reynanunez._ @shernitasofly @adoralynnn @francoth3artist @madd_moses @ileannahichez @miyabiii_ @mrmarcusallan @vgadson3
#madefornow #wheretheelitemeet #janetjackson #bestvideo #favmoment #daniellepolanco #amari #afrobeat #dancehall #westafrican #salsa #danceroyalty #inthepocket #grateful #thankful #givethankstothosewhohelpyou

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“let’s shut up and dance”
@jasonderulo @zyxzjs @nct127 -lay & nct choreo by myself @maho_udo & @ewdoctor -derulo choreo @thejeremystrong @valentinenorton -derulo zouk section myself and @jeremey_adam_rey
it’s really not hard to give credit and thanks to those who contribute. everyone involved made a difference and i’m grateful to have worked with you all to pay homage to an icon.

#jasonderulo #layzhang #nct127 #letsshutupansdance #7six9 #daniellepolanco #jeremystrong #ewdoctor #mahoudo #jeremeyadamrey #zouk #versitile #mjtribute #wheretheelitemeet

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💔rooftop vibes are baaack!💔
where? @thecrownnyc
when? wed april 3rd
dj’s @wildcatebonybrown #soniwithaneye @kamalamuse
hosted by: @tqlikesit2 @dannip18 @azucaco @theonlyantyonlemonte

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Still not over this. are you?
in the word of bette davis...
“this is just too much”

photographer and director: @charlottemwales
stylist: @ursinagysi
choreographer: @dannip18
casting director: @mrsvoguester
hair: shingo shibata
makeup: kanako takase
manicurist: @megumiyamamotonyc
set design: @nicholasdesjardins
art direction: @lookstudiosnyc
bts video: @tegenwilliams
bts photographer: @babyhousenewyork

heels royalty motha teaching tuesday’s and wednesday’s 9pm @peridancecapeziocenter
#heelsroyalty #heelsqueen #agentprovocatuer #wheretheelitemeet #thecooltable #daniellepolanco #daniellepolancochoreography #bestlingeriead #proudofthesegirls #proudofmywork #makingmommyproud #beyou #femmology

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Happy belated bday to my bro @ejoewilson. i love you so much and the relationship you had with my parents made our friendship worth more than any words i can type. i wish voodoo got to meet my parents too but i’m glad they both had you in their lives and love who you are inside and out.
ejoe was so beneficial to my training. taking some of his classes back in the day and experiencing the vibe at his parties like sin sin on wednesday’s #everything5bucks were life changing. i can’t get those days back but i continue to cherish the moments giving me inspiration to shape the future i want for myself. in the words of our beloved marjory thank you for teaching our generation how to “live true dance free”
let’s honor the icons while they’re here. a whole generation is inspired by this man and some don’t even know it. we all owe to the ones before us. this message goes to many people especially the overseas kids specializing in house dance, changing terminology and taking credit for things created by people like ejoe, voodoo, dance fusion, elite force etc. my inspirations have always been the source. what’s yours, the ones with millions of views copying the ones creating technique? smarten up people....don’t cheat ur growth and let’s stop being disrespectful to the ones who’ve been innovative.
omg and we’re both teaching tonight at @expg_studio_nyc
vogue with me 7:30 💃🏽
house with ejoe 9pm 🕺🏽 btw this song/video was a @louievega tribute for our beloved @mrvoodooray we shot last year. thanks for the track louie!

#ejoewilson #dancefusion #houseking #ejoeshouse #soulgasm #voodooraytribute #wheretheelitemeet #dancefamily #housemusic #expg

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Laughs with mommy! i loved making my mom laugh. she had the best laugh in the world 🥰

but was i lying or what? that s**t was pretty freaky 😬

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