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#paradiserun is lit this week - 7p on nick! tag someone you want to be on the show with!

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It’s not a pajama party if you’re not comparing popsicles.🍡 i really liked mine. 😊

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Omg. guess what. starting monday 1/15 i’m starting a 12 wk challenge 😳🤗 i’m a pretty active/healthy person but i’m looking for an even bigger challenge. i’ve been following @kayla_itsines for years, and finally said ok, let’s try this. so here it goes @sweat bbg program 💪🏽 #sweat12wc . want to do it with me??? esskettitt!!!

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What am i thinking about...? 🤔

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New years resolution: share less #popchips 😁 #ad

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That’s my pic back there on one knee. proposal video, tomorrow♥️

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How’s my clout, do i have it yet @shanelandeen?

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This one 🖤

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1/1/18 spent the entire day off my phone with friends and family, but don’t think i didn’t forget tonight is the premiere of 2 very important shows. #paradiserun & the bachelor 🎉 . who’s watching what?!

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What a year. what’s next?

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I thought i was going to open my eyes and see our bikes parked on the driveway. i was wrong. #engaged 😳

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Best day of my life.

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I want to do something new to my hair! 💁🏽‍♀️ what do i do? tag someone with hair goals!

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Watch & donate to win a trip to la to cook with me on my fb show #dtakesyourvcard. i 💚 a good collab for a cause! ***details in my story! *** let’s do some good, and have some fun! it’s the season 💕✅🌱🎥🤤🍴 shoutout to @cuck_fancer & @prizeo for making this happen! ✨🎉

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Monet in a beret 🤯 i didn’t hold back in this live audience interview i did with @buildseriesnyc - link in my story. tell me what you think trina vega would be doing now 👇🏽

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We played christmas music and it snowed. today was perfection. do you live somewhere snowy?? ❄️⛄️

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Been meaning to make some trades. (link in my story to watch what i’m talking about) who wants to make some moneyyyy???

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New york new york! who’s here?? p.s. i never go anywhere w/out a bottle of water. 💦

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💥hump day hustle👊🏽 tag someone who motivates you!

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I did a make up tutorial using my favorite @100percentpure products, and i can promise you i did not look like this before i started 🤪 👆🏽click the link in my bio to see the before! ✨use discount code: daniella 💋

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