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Melissa Gisoni I am the proud Mom of two amazing girls, Maddie & Mackenzie and the cutest dog, Maliboo. No mean comments please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFnD9lbIy-Y
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@malibooziegler1 cousin is getting her cast off today!! 🎉

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Look mom... my own polish color! it's for people but i think i need a #pawdicure! 20% of proceeds goes to pet rescue and adoption organizations. get 15% off in the next 48 hours using code ziegler20 in the checkout nailandbone.com @nailandbone #nailandbonepack

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Repost from @maddieziegler using @repostregramapp - i'm completely speechless. so heartbroken for everyone who got injured at this concert. this world of ours can be so dangerous. sending my love and prayers to everyone in manchester 💔

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Natalya and her pop pop. ❤️

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Such an amazing day when you hear ur daughters song on xm radio! #monstersakahaters

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Make sure you go to the open house on may 28 from 10am-2pm @thebodbykym!! ❤️

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Someone loves me!! my little natalya ❤️

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Just can't even stand it. ❤️

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Having a blast at the grand opening of @thebodbykym!! you have to check out this amazing studio and the amazing teachers. 👯‍♂️❤️

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Repost from @thebookofhenry using @repostregramapp - @maddieziegler is christina, the girl next door. #thebookofhenry

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Poor baby. 😩❤️

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What a beautiful day in la!

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Repost from @bpmajor using @repostregramapp - hey all! i'd love you all to join me for the #resist march on june 11 in #losangeles - check out my facebook page for more deets and i'll send you a free download of the song. #lapride #pride #march2017 #edmlifestyle #edmfamily #family

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Sassy pants. ❤️

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I think we all need to practice this!! ❤️ it will make you happy for sure

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Just love her so much. ❤️

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The best things in my life are these two!! ❤️😘

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Happy mother's day to all the amazing mother's!! have a wonderful day! ❤️🌸

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