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Just got back to nz for what was supposed to be a fun pre planned holiday. seeing the family again puts fresh perspective on just how big a mistake i made. #dontdrinkanddrive

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Nest level atmosphere here at parc des princes psgvbar

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Still in shock hearing the sad news. thoughts are with his family & close friends #rip #wax

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Hunting & gathering on our day off πŸ‘Œ

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Been a good few days working h*****n my rehab. driven to get back doing what i love!

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A very special evening with these two who are are at the top of their field. thank you yannick alleno, benoit gouez and @moetchandon for all your generosity #moetmoment

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With @szarzewskidim2 down at the u arena. can't wait to to play here next season

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I'm not normally big on public speaking but i really enjoyed sharing some of my experiences, knowledge & learnings tonight here in paris #altran2020

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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. the first time in my career i got asked to captain i ruptured my left adductor back in 2011 the second time i got a chance to captain was last saturday & i unfortunately got a tear on my right adductor. best i leave the captaincy to the captains haha. time to work h*****n my rehab to come back stronger.

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What i was born to do!

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Best chef in town is my buddy @juanarbelaez_chef bit of a throw back to the time we threw him a surprise bday party. @juanarbelaez_chef with @repostapp ・・・ this is one of those awkward moments, i use to be the big guy in the team and now i'm the smallest !! 🍼πŸ’ͺπŸ‹πŸ»πŸ‰ with the squad! #rugby #friends #food #racing #buffalo #squad

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#aboutlastnight with my crew. decided to cook them all dinner and they delivered with the entertainment!

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