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Eye spy!

our orinoco crocodiles are fed on saturday. wonder if they're starting to get hungry

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March 2016 comment 4 star 272

Saturday is feeding day for our crocodiles. our orinoco crocodile pair will move to the feeding station early, in anticipation of their meal!

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B'alam, our 3 year old male black jaguar, enjoying the calm before the spring break storm

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Shoebill stork

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We are so excited to announce the newest giant river otters to the @dallas_world_aquarium family!
sonho, our 9 year old female giant otter, gave birth december 9, to two healthy cubs!

if you have visited since then, you may have noticed a sign saying no scheduled otter feedings. this is sonho's first time raising cubs, we wanted her to make her own schedule. however, the cubs have grown up on exhibit and been visible, periodically, since they were born, and are becoming more and more visible every day.
there is no guaranteed viewing time, but you may get lucky at your next visit, as the cubs are spending more and more time exploring and playing. in this video, they're starting to eat solid fish brought to them by the adults!

so, if you see our two giant otters sonho and paulo, be sure to congratulate them!

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We have a collection of animals that spans the globe, and we are the only place you can see the 3-toed sloth in the states.

what do the school groups flock to? our h**p keeper changing out the substrate 😂

thanks for all the hard work, and keeping the kids entertained

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Our annual plant truck arrived today, right before our busiest time of the year (spring break). over the next few weeks the rainforest, borneo, mundo maya and south africa will be planted in all its natural beauty!
if you want to see the aquarium at its lushest, visit before spring break and miss the long lines!

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Paulo wants to know when you guys are coming to visit!

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Don't forget to look up! you could miss a small bird or maybe even a monkey!

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Tree kangaroo

maddie, the female was born at the dallas world aquarium. she and ko, have since produced a boy named spike, who is on his way to make his legacy!

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