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Three peas in a very large pod. our uni experience together has been unreal and i love these girls to pieces❤️

1 weeks ago comment 5 star 185

Ballin’ my eyes out because my time in sheffield is nearly over. (unless we get masters funding) x

2 weeks ago comment 43 star 249

Pre quarter-life-crisis purple hair x

last month comment 16 star 180

Different house, same tatty head stuck out the window x

last month comment 26 star 218

Had my personal photographer up the wall on this trip

March 2019 comment 27 star 205

My krakow pun wasn’t funny nor witty so not going to try with prague.

but this cafe was the best ever, highly recommend.

March 2019 comment 40 star 226

Cheers to my 21 years 💕🎊🎉🍾🌸🥂

January 2019 comment 88 star 295

Krak the code

January 2019 comment 29 star 204

Yet another picture of me pretending it’s summer

December 2018 comment 5 star 149

Went to nottingham and all i got was a cold x

December 2018 comment 12 star 165

Jeans an a jacket in my own home. go on, call me psycho x

October 2018 comment 22 star 169

Italy, you have my heart (and all my effing money) x

September 2018 comment 22 star 172