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Had my personal photographer up the wall on this trip

3 weeks ago comment 27 star 200

My krakow pun wasn’t funny nor witty so not going to try with prague.

but this cafe was the best ever, highly recommend.

3 weeks ago comment 38 star 219

Cheers to my 21 years 💕🎊🎉🍾🌸🥂

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Krak the code

January 2019 comment 29 star 206

Yet another picture of me pretending it’s summer

December 2018 comment 5 star 148

Went to nottingham and all i got was a cold x

December 2018 comment 12 star 164

Jeans an a jacket in my own home. go on, call me psycho x

October 2018 comment 22 star 168

Italy, you have my heart (and all my effing money) x

September 2018 comment 22 star 172

I vote we all focus on the gorgeous scenery and not the fact that i’m wearing a wedding dress x

August 2018 comment 12 star 153


August 2018 comment 30 star 187

Working all the hours god sends this week, would rather be out with my girls x

August 2018 comment 5 star 135

(semi) dry july’s over sip sip hurray👛🎀🧠🛍🐷💒💗🌸

August 2018 comment 60 star 206