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Message for 16th may 2018

picked from doreen virtue's goddess guidance oracle cards
hathor - receptivity "you have a maternal side to you that naturally cares for those in need, yet this must be balanced with receptivity or the flow is blocked. receiving is the essence of feminine energy, and it means allowing yourself to receive with grace and gratitude. if you feel guilty when asking others for help, or if you feel bad about receiving gifts, then you block your feminine energy. your receptivity is just as natural as your nurturing, giving energy. receptivity allows you to better hear the voices of the angels. when you receive, you have more resources to give to others. begin by noticing the hundreds of gifts you receive each day, whether it's seeing beauty in nature, witnessing a touching human moment, or being hugged by a loved one. simply say 'thank you' for each gift, and know that they're filling up your storehouse, keeping the divine flow going strong."

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🌟 tektite is a meteorite, and because of its extraterrestrial origins it is believed to enhance communication with other worlds. 🌟 it helps to release undesirable experiences, remembering lessons learned and concentrating on those things that are conducive to spiritual growth.
🌟 it helps to balance energy flow when placed on the chakras.
🌟 tektite can enhance telepathy and clairvoyance if placed on the third eye.
🌟 it can be worn as a talisman for fertility on all levels.
🌟 it helps to balance male-female energies within the personality.

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Message for 7th may 2018

picked from john holland's spirit messages oracle deck

this card should prompt you to evaluate your beliefs and thought processes. this could be a time when self-doubts and negative thoughts from past conditioning come to the surface and prevent you from moving forward. while some people believe in a higher power greater than themselves, others sadly believe they're alone, and that it's all about survival.

your spiritual, emotional, and psychological well-being; your present and future relationships; your work or career can all be affected by past conditioning. when issues remain omnipresent in your life, it's time to take a critical look at your own belief system. certain beliefs combined with the energy of your thoughts could be major factors that influence your life. change your perception, and alter your negative thoughts to positive affirmations. by consciously acknowledging that spirit is running through you, and that you're meant to live a happy, abundant life, you'll experience your days on earth the way you were meant to - as a divine being.

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🌟 sunstone is a joyful, light-inspiring stone that allows the real self to shine through happily.
🌟 it is a stone of luck and good fortune.
🌟 it is extremely useful for removing hooks from other people.
🌟 sunstone facilitates self-empowerment, independence and vitality, thereby removing codependency.
🌟 it helps to overcome procrastination.
🌟 it acts as an antidepressant and helps to lift dark moods.

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Message for 1st may 2018

picked from john holland's spirit messages oracle deck.

ground yourself
spirit has carefully selected this card for a reason. it's now vital for you to ground yourself in order to clear your head and stop the racing, frenetic, chaotic thoughts that are sending you in a million different directions. it's time to take a firm step back so you can think clearly again and achieve your full potential. you need to reconnect with the divine source, but to do so, you have to ground and centre yourself.

spend some time in the peace and tranquillity of nature, whether that's in the countryside or at the beach, so you can be with yourself. walk barefoot on mother earth when you can, or dig your hands deep into her soil by gardening. take time to meditate, breathe, and absorb the healing qualities of stillness and serenity. by grounding yourself, you're also aligning with your highest soul purpose, and yet you're still keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

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🌟 sugilite is one of the major love stones, representing spiritual love and wisdom, opening the chakras to the flow of that love.
🌟 it inspires spiritual awareness and promotes channeling abilities.
🌟 it teaches you how to live from your truth.
🌟 sugilite helps sensitive people and lightworkers to adapt to the earth vibration without becoming mired or despondent.
🌟 it is excellent for autism, helping to ground the soul more into the present reality, and overcomes learning difficulties.
🌟 it alleviates sorrow, grief and fear.

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