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Just a girl traveling the world & spreading the word about #decentralized #digital #currencies that have the possibility to take over our current monetary system as we know it !!!! #cryptomodel #crypto #endthefed #btfd #hodl

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#reading is so important. 📖⁣

the more you read, the more you increase the size of your “information pool.” when your information pool is larger you can recall more information and come up with more ideas! 💡 ⁣

a couple years ago i started the #cryptomodel brand. i was inspired by works about of #entrepreneurship and #cryptocurrency. at first people thought the idea of #modeling for crypto #companies & #marketing was silly...⁣

safe to say, they were wrong. my brand has continued to grow & others are taking “crypto selfies” and now there are quite a few “cryptomodels” out there😏⁣

in short, i am glad i #educated myself about #crypto and #online businesses.⁣

what’s the next #cryptocurrency related topic i should learn about? ⁣

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#money is internetting 🕸⁣⁣
you have heard all the cliche lines:⁣⁣
#bitcoin will do to the banks what #uber did to the taxi #industry 🚕 ⁣⁣
& ⁣⁣
#cryptocurrency will do to the #financial institutions what email did to the post office. ⁣⁣
will #crypto just be a fad, or are we experiencing the beggining of a new #paradigm ?⁣⁣
is this what the beginning of the #internet felt like in the 90’s? ⁣
i don’t know, i wasn’t even born then. ⁣
however, i like to think that we are on the forefront of new #technology and i wouldn’t have continuously built my brand #cryptomodel for two years if i didn’t believe this would b**w up 💣⁣⁣

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#bitcoin & chill? ⁣
lol... #btc is doing nothing but chillin 😂⁣

but i’m still here, supporting the @cryptomvmt

on another exciting note... ⁣
my website @coinrating is finally live.
make sure to check it out 🤗

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I’m so ready to go back to #miami 🌴 ⁣

have you ever been? ⁣
if so, what’s your favorite thing to do there?

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This game is adorable, hilarious, and fun!⁣

i love the integration of #cryptocurrency in all things. ⁣

i’m loving my set of #crypto cards 🤗 ⁣

whoever has the biggest portfolio wins, so you better hope you don’t draw a #bitconnect card! bc in this game, this card cuts your portfolio value in half! ⁣
nononoooo 😮⁣

get a deck from @playcryptocards & find out what i’m talking about 🃏⁣


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If you know, you know. being a digital nomad is tons of fun, but so was living in #lasvegas ...☀️ where do you live and what do you love about it? 🌎

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Last night i celebrated 10 years of #btc w/ a bunch of awesome #crypto peeps at a meetup in the city put on by the ppl of the #nyc #bitcoin center. ⁣
woot woot 🎊⁣

p.s. yes i’m officially a brace face 😬⁣

rocking one of my fave tee’s ever from my great friend @encryptedgear 👕 ⁣

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I got this book for christmas as a gift! i’m excited to learn & read about #bitcoin from someone else’s perspective. “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -thomas jefferson
don’t ever stop learning!
knowledge is power in all markets.
my lil #blockchain library is growing 📚
p.s. have you guys read this book?
if not, what books are you getting into lately?
give me some must reads!
they can be #crypto related, but they don’t have to.

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The beach is one of my favorite places.
i love relaxing/decompressing on the beach, especially when #crypto prices get me down.... even though i’m a strong believer in the long term future of #blockchain & #cryptocurrency 😏
where do you go to relax?

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Merry christmas eve!

my family has a tradition of opening one present on christmas eve randomly selected by us (along with matching pjs) 🎁
the present i opened tonight was #nike #huaraches 🤗

what kind of traditions do you have? 👕 @digitexfutures #dgtx #digitexfutures 📷 @cryptomodel

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#bitcoin, #litecoin, and #ethereum walk into a bar... they order a plate of mozzarella sticks. the food comes out a few minutes later and bitcoin eats two sticks in one bite! litecoin just gives a frozen stare and doesn't do anything. ethereum raises his hand to the waiter and asks "can i get a fork?" #cryptomodel
shirt creds 👕 @pure_crypto1

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