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The post-apocalypse never looked so good!

it's time to venture back into hope county.

we are back in business people. i'm ready to fight for survival with my trusty smiley shovel. let's go!

what a day for new releases, today is definitely a great day to be a gamer. have an awesome weekend!

now excuse me while i go hunt down some monstrous animals and live my bandit life.

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Roses are red, violets are blue, i love apex, how about you!?
what games are you guys playing tonight? also have a great day to those of you celebrating valentines day.

i think it's easily my favourite battle royale game. took a while to understand all the different features, but man this game is good!

plus random teammates actually work as a team, i mean come on since when does this happen in a game?! haha! the fact you can easily markup enemies, weapons, shields at the click of a button is awesome.

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If you could live inside any video game world, which game would you choose?

i think i would choose a couple and keep changing between them, kinda ready player one style!

on a side note, i’m starting to get excited for far cry new dawn on friday! i’ve noticed the smiley shovel is returning!

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Won my first ever game on apex legends earlier this weekend!

have you managed to try it yet?

i’ve had an awesome time playing it with some friends so far! let me know if you folks want a game sometime.

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Taking sloth mode to new heights!

hope you’ve had an awesome week, what have you got planned this weekend?

i’m going to try apex legends which sneakily got released whilst i was away!

i’ll also be catching up with all the posts i’ve missed over the next few days.

100% refreshed and ready to go!


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When you’ve been playing too much assassin’s creed.

absolutely loved this game from start to finish!

my time as a medjay has sadly come to and end. it was a pleasure bayek.

craigo, breaker of hippo chains, father of lions, poor mans egyptian zorro...my watch over egypt is over.
disclaimer: no actual finger was harmed in the making of this video. plus i’m not 100% sure i got the right one.
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Welcome to episode one of easy achievements with craigo!

do you achievement/trophy hunt?

i used to years ago, but now i only try and get some extra achievements if i really enjoy the game.

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So...what’s the plan? resident evil demo!

i wish i could enjoy playing horror games! sadly they aren’t my cup of tea.

even though i don’t enjoy them, it won’t stop me from supporting you folks who do.

hope you enjoyed the video as much as i enjoyed making it. have an awesome weekend!

movie clip credit: shaun of the dead

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Always take tea to a gaming session!👌☕️ what are you guys up to this evening?
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Andys coming! everybody back to your places!

what videogame character or pop vinyl would you bring to life?

p.s. @toystory if it’s not too late, i’m free to help you with the next movie.

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Assassins creed origins: the circle of life! this was a pretty random encounter i had with various animals!

swipe through the videos to watch as the adventure unfolds!

i tried to commentate on the video while i was recording it. thought it would be something different for you guys to enjoy.

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What was the last game you played that you just couldn’t put down?😊🤟
i’m well and truly hooked on origins! what’s that...drumroll please... 🥁🥁🥁...i’ve just been awarded the title of ‘worlds worst medjay 2019’
i’ve spent more time than i would like to admit ‘borrowing’ boats and crashing them into hippos.🚤🦛💥
i’m 3 skill points away from my goal! i’ll soon be able to tame animals...hippo army assemble!🦛⚔️
i hope you’ve all had a good start to the week!💪
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