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My new song "everyday is a chick-fil-a day" dedicated to s.truett cathy will be available soon on itunes,spotify,amazon music and more #comingsoon #newmusic #chickfila #cfagrovetown #chickfilanext2019 #chickfilanext #contrabandslim #alternative #countrymusic #musicforeveryone #attention #djs

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While at the gas station earlier today i ran into this woman who cares for adults with special needs and i told her i would love to come visit them and show them some love it’s so amazing how god works i’m so excited to go visit them #slimcares #spreadlove #chickfila

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Article below #repost @wearebreitbart
chick-fil-a @chickfila has become one of america’s most popular and beloved restaurants. but for one georgia comedian-singer-songwriter, more than their famously delicious chicken sandwiches, it was chick-fil-a’s humanitarian efforts when tragedy hit home that led him to dedicate a god-inspired love song to the chain. “the generosity is there,” singer contraband told wjbf channel 6 of chick-fil-a. “if you’re having a bad day, they’re gonna brighten up your day.” contraband slim @contrabandslim says he has been a huge fan of chick-fil-a for more than 30 years. the food is great, he says, but more inspiring is the company’s culture, how it treats its customers, and helps the community in times of need — all the reasons that drove him to create his ballad.
“i said i gotta write a song. i went to the studio and put my heart into it. there’s a lot of love in that song. i mean every bit. the kids love it. all the adults pretty much love it too. it’s a song about love.” “god led me there to use my talent for chick fil a. i’ll pay for people’s orders,” slim added. “i’ll talk to people, some dealing with depression, family issues, that sort of thing. my goal is to have an impact on others and do what i can to offer to the world.” slim has taken his chick-fil-a song on the road, hosting sing-a-long lunches with local grade schools. “the legacy i’m trying to fulfill is to do things for those in need and the homeless in my city,” slim concluded. “i want to make sure no one goes hungry. i can’t do it all by myself. i know i gotta get to the top to help those in need. it’s a mission. i’m doing this for others.”

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Check out my interview (full interview on my facebook page)#chickfila #chickfilanext @wjbf6 #contrabandslim @cfagrovetown @chickfila

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Thank god and fox news for having me on there it’s truly a blessing @foxnews #foxnews #nationwide #contrabandslim #chickfila #song #chickfilalovers #chickfilanext

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Check it out (link in the bio) #godsplan 🙏🏾 #chickfila #contrabandslim #wjbfnewschannel6

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