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An indispensable tool in any journey
diy mini kit by @coilmasternet
📸: @doctor_coil 🔗www.coil-master.net

4 days ago comment 1 star 110

This may not be the perfect build but it's cheap, easy and works good enough. .
check out the great coil build video @zophievapes 🙌

2 weeks ago comment 4 star 124

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. it is the source of all true art and science. - albert einstein.
thanks for the edit @donilesmanaa
coil master skynet coils

2 weeks ago comment 3 star 103

My little helpers from @coilmasternet ! ceramic sticks are the best i've used!
credit: @doctor_coil

3 weeks ago comment 2 star 187

Diy kit mini v2
credit: @kaarlsvap 🔗www.coil-master.net

3 weeks ago comment 8 star 198

Ready to build✂🛠️🔩
credit: @ddk_wirebuilds 🔗www.coil-master.net

4 weeks ago comment 5 star 177

The themis mech mod polished
great work by @schizo_part_design
check out 🔗www.coil-master.net to know more coil master mech mods

last month comment 4 star 172

Road trip with elfy rta and diy tools.
📸: @vape.rade 🔗www.coil-master.net

last month comment 1 star 114

Diy kit mini v2
📸: @wirejunky_alex_fen 🔗www.coil-master.net

last month comment 10 star 154

A vapers most important tool, wouldn’t you agree?
credit: @exi.stence.photography

last month comment 7 star 160

K bag🔥🔥
a multi-functional, multi-purpose adjustable case for all your vape gear.
📸: @ostancov

last month comment 3 star 160

Winners announcement
prizes: coil masterdiy kit mini
dm us your shipping address and contact number

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