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Forever my #flotus.

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The slander! lmaoooo! <faints> #cowboys #dallascowboys

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The internet is so stuuuuupidddd and i love it!!!!

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I'm not #slimthick yet, but #goals!!!

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Week 1 post-op complete!!! it's definitely been a struggle (low oxygen levels following surgery, sobbing from being poked so much for blood, wondering w*f i did to myself) but i made it. i had a day of regret... it's hard being in the house all day (can't drive until post-op appt on tue) and watching tv and eeeevery commercial is about food and all you can drink/eat is water, sugar free popsicles, broth and a protein shake in-between burping up gas lol. but i'm a whopping 16 lbs down in one week... that makes it all worth it. 💖 and thank you to all of my family and friends for checking in on me constantly! #rnycommunity #rny #vsgcommunity #vsg #wls #wlscommunity #rnyinstacrew #vsginstacrew #wlsinstacrew

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Me... carrying on with my life lol

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#repost @driahasfavor .... this is sooooo funny!!!

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"but i'm woke now!" lol. loved this entire episode.

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The lost art of being genuine.

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Surgery went well. thank you all so much for your well wishes! #rny #rnycommunity #wlscommunity #wls #vsgcommunity #vsg #vsginstacrew

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I'm getting all checked in. nervous as hell, but ready.

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