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Love my brother chas chidester! he’s always inspiring me to have good manners and catch better waves. he was a master in both those departments💙

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Ever since i seen @madsteez paintings of wiener dogs he’s been one of my favorite artists by far. then i learned every time i see him something magical goes down. check the brand new trunks and other #ween collab gear on the rip curl website @ripcurl_usa

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See you again soon @madsteez #madsteez @ripcurl_usa

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Hey @rob_machado stop yelling at us 😂 @mfanno @reef #beachfreely

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Pipeline yesterday on my 6’10 #retrogun @lostsurfboards

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2019 chas chidester rocky point classic sponsored by @nanocraftcbd and the new recovery formula. also @pupukeagrill ! highlight reel link in my bio. @freddyp808 @curfuffle @micahmoniz @joeyjohnston_ @sheldoggydoor @pskuu @surf.and.destroy @casualluke @ealadolla @eli_olson @flynn_novak @pupukeasyeti thanks again @burgerinparadise and @kai_pattison for putting together the event! go check out the vid on our youtube channel @riordanpringle

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@nanocraftcbd rocky point classic in full effect right now. for chassy boy. best 2 scores win $1000. if you can get a better wave then @curfuffle on his own board you win $100. sickest wave shot with my @gopro #goprohero7 you win a new gopro. best burn job $100 best air $100 best barrel $100. best wave on @derekho1980 mochi ball board you win anything just put in the request. best food in the world by @pupukeagrill. aloha and thanks again @burgerinparadise

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Brake check during spring break @through.the.doggy.door @riordanpringle

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Beautiful day yesterday at makaha elementary for career day. it’s been super fun directing/producing @through.the.doggy.door with some of my best friends. @alani.media @riordanpringle @sheldoggydoor if you don’t know yet i’ve been working on a project documenting 2 kids with very different upbringings in hawaii but with the same dream, to become a pro surfer and inspire more kids to chase their dreams no matter what! #makaha #sunset

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I don’t go anywhere without my #goprohero7 especially on #thesearch @gopro

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So much fun trying to beat up my new @softech_softboards mho twin fin. i’ve folded it over cobble stones and stomped it on sharp reef but it still works solid and looks brand new. visit www.softechsoftboards.com and check the mason twin!

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