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Here's a peek at smokey's chassis underneath the big radiator. you can see the big dual @mishimoto dual pass transmission fluid coolers, the beefy @mbrpexhaust stainless tubing, @ptpturboblankets lava exhaust wrap, the @nitrousexpress bottles peeking out and the dual @optimabatteries yellow top batteries. #mishimoto #mbrpexhaust #mbrp #ptpturboblankets #protectedbyptp #optimabatteries #oldsmokeyf1 #nitrousexpress #chucklesgarage.

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Thanks @toyotires for the new r888r's for #oldsmokeyf1 this is the successor to the already amazing r888. can't wait to try them out at thunderhill next month! #toyotires #teamtoyo #r888r #toyo

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The 700hp 1997 dodge 3500 #ultimatetowrig build starts in a couple weeks, and this @mishimoto intercooler is a very important part of the puzzle. when you are running high boost levels, it is very important to control your intake air temperatures. it lowers your egt's and colder, denser air makes more power! this is their intercooler for 94 thru 2003 dodge 3500 trucks with the #cummins #turbodiesel. if your truck is making any power over stock, you need this. features: reduces aits by 25%. intercooler features all-aluminum cast end tanks. intercooler has 47% increase in core volume. 3" core is 50% thicker than factory. air diverter in hot-side end tank reduces turbulence and evenly distributes airflow across core. reduces turbo stress and extends life. intercooler available in sleek silver and stealth black. fits with mishimoto dodge 5.9l cummins. lifetime warranty #mishimoto #intercooler #secondgen #dually #12valve

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@volkdent killing the rendering game for sema 2017 with this ultra realistic piece. it looks like it's going 200mph just sitting there. simply amazing.

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I am looking for a talented designer to do a rendering of old smokey f1 with the full land speed aero i have designed for it for sema 2017. please dm me if you are interested in doing it.

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If ferdinand porsche was blind, had the shakes, one arm, and used two batteries and coat hangers as a welder.......

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Previous work done by that thief @west_coast_auto_craft we have been inundated with calls about finishing and/or repairing work that they did since they were shut down. this particular "metalwork" is the engine cover on a 2001 porsche boxter with an ls3 swap. it's owned by a 75 year old man. they took him for an 80k ride and the car is still undrivable. #westcoastautocraft #chrismiranda #thief #hammereddogshit #weldporn #thefabpolice

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Great shot of #oldsmokeyf1 by @stigram at the @goodguysrodandcustom show in pleasanton a couple weeks ago. . . old smokey f1 is powered by an alc racing engines built cummins 5.9 common rail producing over 100psi of boost from its 80mm and 94mm @turbobygarrett gtx turbochargers. superflow dyno tested to 1463hp flywheel and 1233hp to the wheels. fueling is handled by twin @iidiesel xp cp3 fuel pumps and custom injectors along with a custom @pureflowairdog lift pump. heat protection for all that madness is handled by @ptpturboblankets lava turbo blankets and wrap. charge air cooling is handled by twin @bellintercoolers custom air to water and air to air intercoolers. egt control is handled by a @nitrousexpress water methanol system and their nxd375 diesel nitrous system makes smokey 1700hp capable. engine cooling and transmission cooling is handled by @mishimoto and it's all monitored with @autometer z series gauges. @airaid filters keeps all the bad stuff out. tuning by @hptuners . #oldsmokeyf1#chucklesgarage #airaid #toyotires #turbobygarrett #turbolife #bellintercoolers #wilwooddiscbrakes #autometerproducts #nitrousexpress #mishimoto #pureflowairdog #optimabatteries #loctite #henkel #iidiesel #industrialinjection #bddiesel #mbrp #teamtoyo #bdraceteam2017 #teamoldsmokeyf1 #ccwforgedwheels #ptpturboblankets #protectedbyptp #hardwayperformance #cvr #clayvalleyracing

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So pumped to be part of this camaro ss that we put together for my very good friend @b00gey_man to give to his dad at today's father's day car show in julliard park. his dad was so pumped that when he sat in the car, it was hard to get him out.

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Happy father's day to all the dad's out there, past and present. pictured here is my dad, charles scott birdsall, or as his police officer comrades called him "chuckles" he was a ww2 navy veteran, a career police officer with the ontario pd and the mendocino county sheriff's deparment, an amazing shade tree mechanic and engineer, and above all he was the best dad anyone could ever ask for. he taught me how to be a proper man. thanks dad. . . . #charlesscottbirdsall #charlesbirdsall

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Looking to add a seasoned fabricator to the team! qualified applicants will be highly proficient in tig welding, metalwork, have basic machining skill and have a solid work ethic. knowledge of advanced suspension design a plus. pay is doe, and above the average. full time work. i am also looking for a highly motivated apprentice for 2 days a week. the only qualification is to be a hard working, motivated individual that wants to learn the craft. tweekers, clock watchers, drunks and slackers need not apply. send your resume to chucklesgarage@gmail.com please do not ask questions in this post.

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Can't wait to get this new custom radiator from @bellintercoolers installed on #oldsmokeyf1 old smokey was in need for more cooling capacity when it surpassed the 1200hp mark. this radiator has a much higher thermal capacity with larger tubes, thicker core, more fins per inch and heavier end tanks to handle more pressure. bell can make any size radiator or intercooler to fit your needs. they even build units for nasa. ##intercoolers #bellintercoolers #heatexchanger #customradiator #customintercooler

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Love me some itb's

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We out here at the car show at the sonoma county fairgrounds. come holler.

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Stoked to see my creations out there making people happy. this is "carl jr." a 1964 calumet coach i built for @threetwinsicecream

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Before and after @wilwooddiscbrakes upgrade. both are 6 piston setups, but new one is a much larger aero 6 caliper with bigger pads and larger, more rigid calipers as well as 2" bigger semi-floating brake rotor. thanks to @skull.818 for making it happen! #wilwooddiscbrakes #wilwood #bigbrakes #6piston #oldsmokeyf1 #gonnasendit

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New @wilwooddiscbrakes pro forged spindles and radial caliper mounts installed on #oldsmokeyf1 next up, the huge wilwood aero-6 calipers and spec 37 extreme performance rotors. #wilwooddiscbrakes #radialmountbrakes #aero6 #bigbrakes

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Before and after new intake manifold on the monster baur e30. next up, @turbobygarrett gtx 67mm to replace the current unit and a set of s1 cams. #baur #e30 #2jzswap #2jzgte #chucklesgarage #bmw #goingbigger

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Never in the same place at the same time. coincidence? @marcusedell @goodguysrodandcustom

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Old smokey and i will be featured in an episode of @thehouseofmuscle later this month blazing tires and burning up the road course. i'm really looking forward to this one! go check them out! #oldsmokeyf1 #thehouseofmuscle #motortrend #motortrendnetwork

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