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If this doesn't make you pumped, you are dead inside. . sparsh shah, a 13-year-old living with brittle bones disease and more than 130 fractures, sings the national anthem. (via @sportscenter)

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Follow @thedieselsource if you like diesel trucks, or are looking for a great deal on a pre-owned dodge ram. i highly recommend them. great service, and very easy to deal with. our new tow rig is the 2nd gen dually on the top right. cleanest 2nd gen i have ever seen.

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The inside of smokey gets pretty toasty, so i'm installing some heat protection from @ptpturboblankets on the removable firewall pieces of #oldsmokeyf1 i'm using their adhesive gold thermal barrier shield and their silver adhesive barrier plus. #protectedbyptp #ptpturboblankets #ptpturbo

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Your mouth is worth 100 points. @rrrawlings

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Big thanks to our official lube/glue/sealant/cleaner sponsor loctite henkel @loctiteglue @henkelglobal for keeping our cabinets stacked with the good stuff. i have been using loctite products for years, and have always been happy with the performance of their products. #loctite #henkel #rtv #chemicals #siliconelubricant #teamoldsmokeyf1 #threadlocker #penetratingoil #ceramicshield #epoxy

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I cannot wait to get the new @turbobygarrett gtx5533r 94mm and gtx5008r turbos set up on #oldsmokeyf1 thank you to garrett by honeywell for the support! #200mph here we come! #turbolife #turbochargers #cummins #diesel #shiftsector #texasmile #mojavemile #landspeedracing #landspeed #turbobygarrett #garretturbochargers

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@tac1593 is the winner of our auto meter pressure gauge and bex battery charger! @autometerproducts #autometerchuckles20k #autometer #autometerproducts

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Looking for a large lot in northern california to shoot a video with #oldsmokeyf1. i will be drifting and destroying tires so it needs to be a somewhere where i have permission. i'm not really looking for a trip to the pokey haha. also, needs to be drone friendly as we will be flying a few good size camera drones.

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