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Lemme see your war face... . #rleeermey #fullmetaljacket #warface

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100% hand made by @forrest_kooglewerks in santa rosa ca. out of 100% melted in the fire aluminum wheels. 100% of proceeds going to rcu northbay fire relief fund. www.redwoodcu.org/northbayfirerelief. 30$ ea. send them money online, screenshot the "donate" page and dm me your address! . #handmade #castaluminum #santarosafire #donate #tubbsfire #sonomastrong #atlasfire #coffeypark #santarosa

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The deepest heartfelt thanks from myself, julie, and olivia. without friends, family, and this wonderful automotive industry, this disaster would have been a much harder pill to swallow. thank you for everything you have given and done for us, and for everything you have donated to the shop to allow us to help others. thank you so much, and we love you all! the birdsall's . also, i put a link in my bio to a general relief fund started by redwood credit union. please direct any monetary donations there as we have enough to get us by.

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Here's a video i shot as we pulled onto dogwood drive toward what used to be our home. the destruction is unimaginable. the only things left were made of metal or aggregate. some steel was even melted. this firestorm has had no equal, and there are a lot of us looking for answers. sonoma county officials chose not to use the emergency warning system fearing gridlock, and many people died in their homes. this has been a rough week but my family is doing well in spite of all this b******t because of the awesome show of support from our family, our friends, and the amazing industry that we are part of. love you all, and please stay safe out there. thank you to all of the first responders for coming from all over the state to risk it all to help us out. . #coffeypark #tubbsfire #firestorm #dogwooddrive #sonoma #sonomacounty #firestorm #santarosa #coffeystrong #firstresponders #californiafires #californiafirestorm

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Off to the shelters carrying another load with the homie @gromm415 if you have any donations, you can drop them off at the shop 300 west robles unit k1 santa rosa california 95407. we can take them and distribute them to the shelters in need. thank you for everyone that i was dropped off donations it makes a huge difference!

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Please share and repost with all the text below! friday october 27th (if the area is accessible) let's light up the sadness and destruction in coffey park with smiling jacko-lanterns! bring your carved pumpkin to coffey park at 5pm to light the park up, and show the world that this disaster won't k**l our spirits! please, just electronic candles. i will be accepting carved or plastic pumpkins at my shop 300 west robles unit k1 santa rosa ca 95407. dm me with any questions. stay strong santa rosa! . update: there has been some negativity shown for this by a couple individuals, so let me clarify: this is not a party in any way shape or form! it is a vigil being held at the park and not on anyone's doorstep. please no exploring homesites. . #lightupcoffeypark #jackolantern #tubbsfire #coffeyparkfire #santarosafire #coffeystrong #santarosa #coffeypark #cityofsantarosa #santarosacalifornia #firestorm #wildfire.

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Creating some smiles at the ems hub and shelter with my friend @nealhgottlieb and his tasty @threetwinsicecream today. smiles abounded. . . . #sonomafire #santarosafire #firestorm #tubbsfire #icecreamsmiles

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This was "grandpa ii" my immaculate 1997 dodge d3500 diesel. this truck had just undergone stage 1 of 3 of the #ultimatetowrig 800hp tow build that was going to be featured in diesel power magazine. thank you to all of our sponsors on the project for your support. #firestorm #santarosafire #coffeyparkfire #coffeypark #tubbsfire

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This is my wife's 1963 fairlane 500 hardtop "shirley" i built this car for her in secret and presented it to her shortly after the birth of our daughter olivia. shirley was originally owned by a tweeker, and had fire damage before i restored it. the second time around was too much for her though. she went from being parked in the garage to upside down where our master bedroom once was. #tubbsfire #coffeyparkfire #shirleythefairlane #firestorm #santarosafire

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My 62 buick in 1996, and now. this car was fully restored, waiting in our garage for me to finish installing the new starter so i could enjoy it again after many years. i bought this car when i was 19 years old and will really miss it. #tubbsfire #buick #wildcat #lesabre #nailhead #santarosafire #firestorm #coffeypark #coffeyparkfire

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Please direct any other donations to the link in my bio or other charities. thank you to our family members, complete strangers, friends, industry people and sponsors. you have all been so giving, and i will say it again, the automotive community is the absolute best group of human beings on the planet. julie, olivia and i owe you an un repayable debt and are incredibly grateful.

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You guys have been the best to my family through this disaster, but now i'd like for you to please help our neighbors and best friends sam eggert and scott saucedo. they, like us got out with nothing but their lives and their car in the #tubbsfires in santa rosa. their go fund me page is in my bio. please share too if you can! note: we will be accepting donations of clothing and non perishable food for the people affected in our neighborhood at 300 west robles unit k1, santa rosa ca 95407. dropoff from 9 to 5. https://www.gofundme.com/saucedo-donations

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The videos i've posted have attracted news crews to what used to be our home. looks like shirley the fairlane is getting her 15 minutes of fame @mrsjujubird so many people in our area have lost everything. thank you so much to this amazing automotive community for all the love and support you have given us so far. my family is overwhelmed by it. this is truly the best group of people on the planet. we love you all. please take the time to reach out and help them. our gofundme page has been very successful so far, and i am sure it will reach goal, so please help others that need it if you can. #tubbsfire #santarosafire #shirleythefairlane #onwardandupward

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Doesn't look like we will get to stage 2 of the #ultimatetowrig build on my ram 3500. it got picked up and thrown 200 feet into the park and may need an alignment, some upholstery work and paint correction. #coffeypark #tubbsfire #santarosafire #itsjuststuff

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Annnnd....that's our home. our 63 fairlane is upside down in our bedroom. our 62 wildcat is melted in the garage. my lexus sc is upside down on the sidewalk, and my new dodge dually is 200 feet across the street in the trees. #santarosafire #tubbsfire #dontwastewater #coffeypark

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Not today bruh.

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Tbt to @volkdent hooning it up in the lot with his 400hp @turbobygarrett boosted audi 1.8t bug. #turbobygarrett #turbolife #hoonigan #killalltires #chucklesgarage #drfgt

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907 and still chugging. where's that lunch @lodynamics ? i hear starks has an amazing hamburger. #turbobygarrett #turbolife #lsfabrication

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Guess the power. built 2jz with ported head @turbobygarrett gtx 3584rs67mm gen 2 turbo, stock intake and throttle body, doc race manifold, three and a half inch exhaust, @bellintercoolers custom intercooler, id 1700 injectors and 21.5 lbs of boost. will be tuned to 30ish psi by the time it's done on the dyno for around, and @volkdent is hoping for 900hp. built and tuned by @lsfabrication #bellintercoolers #turbolife #turbobygarrett #ubrslo #germanese #drfgt

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