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Last week i worked on a story about immigration and california’s resistance to the trump administration for the washington post. at the end of my last day covering the story i met a 24 year old woman named vianney sanchez (pictured here). she is a recent uc santa cruz graduate and a dreamer. last august, vianney’s parents were forced to leave their lives and children behind and return to mexico. vianney is now the primary caretake for her 16 year old sister and 12 year old brother. quoting the article: "in particular, schaaf (oakland mayor libby schaaf) said, she was disturbed by the case of maria mendoza sanchez, a bilingual oncology nurse, homeowner and mother of four who was forced to leave the united states in august with her husband, eusebio. these are two law-abiding, hard-working oaklanders that have lived in my city for 23 years,” schaaf said. “but under this administration they were deported. they were ripped away from their four children.”

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I am very proud to be a small part in supporting these women and the stories that need to be told. thank you @fyeye and @photofruge for trusting me with this story. check out the today’s @sfchronicle.

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My days usually consist of modern tech offices and self driving cars so when @marisaschwartztaylor of the @washingtonpost texted me and said she had a story on chickens i was all in. i’ve said before that i love covering tech but changing things up a bit is always welcome, and although this story is still tech related it was definitely not my average day. thank you marisa and everyone at the @washingtonpost for being so hilarious and supportive, and thank you to the van horns for welcoming me into your home. meet bear and queen elizabeth, the status chickens of silicon valley. paper photo courtesy of @marisaschwartztaylor 😘 annnnd a special thanks to @carolynseng for your awesome assist 💕

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Ian goodfellow of @google for @technologyreview. amazing story, plus i got to work with best of the best @theemilyluong 😎🖤

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Today in the @wsj is a story i worked on at the levi’s eureka innovation lab in san francisco. for years denim has been distressed by hand, but levi’s in partnership with jeanologia, a spanish technology company, worked to upgrade it’s existing laser technology to full automation. thank you @stephaaronson for putting me on this story! 💥🎉

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Founder of @theinformation, jessica lessin, for @nytimes.

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Last shoot of 2017, raife giovinazzo for barron’s.

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I recently shot a few stories for @partsunknowncnn. one of those stories was about a couple, rooplal and sushil masih, who run a indian restaurant in east oakland called masala cuisine. i highly recommend checking this place out. the food is amazing and so are the owners. thank you @paulineeiferman for this awesome assignment.

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Manuel henriquez, founder and ceo of hercules capital inc., for bloomberg markets.

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Last month, i had the great honor of photographing valerie landau for smithsonian magazine. in this article, valerie writes about doug engelbart and her experiences working closely with him. engelbart is mostly commonly known for his invention of the computer mouse, but his ideas were revolutionary and changed the way we interact with technology today. in addition to photographing valeria i also shot engelbart’s “chorded keyset”, which used cord-like key combinations to send commands to a computer. thank you @donny_bajohr for thinking of me for this assignment! your support throughout this year means so much. also, a special thanks to my best assistant @moha for helping me pull this off in a tight space and torrential downpour. @smithsonianmagazine #engelbart #valerielandau #dougengelbart

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@moha is cooler than you.

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#repost @smithsonianmagazine ・・・ hey everyone! this is christie hemm klok (@christiehklok ) taking over the feed for the next week. i'm a san francisco based photographer and i'll be sharing images from stories i've covered all over the bay area. thank you donny for the opportunity to share my work. _____________________________________________ author, dave eggers, at 826 valencia, a san francisco based nonprofit that he founded with the goal of assisting under-resourced students with their creative writing skills. #daveeggers #826valencia

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#repost @sfmagazine ・・・ horror, heartbreak, heroism our december cover 📸: @christiehklok #sanfranciscomagazine #sanfrancisco #sonomacounty #sonomastrong

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Cover story for @forbesjapan 🎉 thank you @moha for the assist 🖤

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Repost @sfmagazine ________________________________________ members of the san francisco strike team fighting the fires in santa rosa.

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Andy behar, ceo of as you sow, for @nytimes. #nytonassignment

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Josh tetrick for the november issue of @theatlantic. thank you @pspella for this awesome assignment.

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