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I apologize for the late post, i was at a basketball off-season practice but i still had to bring this to you guys. with that being said, welcome back to my list of the top 10 best bulls point guards of all time! as always, this list is purely subjective and more than just stats and accomplishments go into consideration when making my picks.

for #6 i decided to go with steve kerr. a lot of people may put him higher because of how much he meant to this team during the championship runs but i had to put him just outside of the top 6. kerr was an elite shooter that seemingly always came through in the clutch. he hit some of the most iconic shots in bulls history and was a key bench piece during our championship runs. however, aside from being an elite shooter, kerr was not an elite point guard. playmaking-wise he was underwhelming and he wasn't really an elite ball handler. if we're talking about sheer point guard abilities, kerr didn't have many which is why he didn't c***k the top 5. his legacy is still very respectable though and he was certainly a solid player.

-5x nba-champ
-1x three point contest champ
what do you guys think about this pick? make sure to let me know what you think and also be sure to try and predict who will be next!
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Here's the video of robin lopez getting ejected.
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The bulls take on the pistons in chicago tonight at 7 pm central time. this will officially be their last game of the season and i just want to say it's been a really up and down one but i'm certainly excited to see what this team can do in the future! kris dunn, zach lavine, noah vonleh, paul zipser, and lauri markkanen will all be out for the bulls tonight while blake griffin, andre drummond, and dwight buycks will not play for the pistons. it honestly should be a pretty boring game considering how many crucial players are injured for both teams. it, however, is their last game of the season though so i'd recommend watching it and cheering on the bulls one final time! thanks for all of your support throughout the season!
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Game 82 is tonight in front of the best fans in the world! #bullsnation #detvschi via :@chicagobulls

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Facts. 🙌
do you agree or disagree with scottie pippen? 🤔🐐
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It’s gameday, #bullsnation! 📍bkn
📻670 the score
🕡630pm cst
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#bulls basketball is back! be on the lookout for some 🔥 pics all night as chicago’s own @trashhand takes over our ig account!
inspire with us x #bullsigtakeover x @trashhand
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Update: fred hoiberg says lauri markkanen will play tomorrow against the pistons.
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Playin' both ends of the court 🔐 ⠀
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