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Bihhh you so dope! @iamcardib #fate available everywhere ladies i promise you will feel this shit! fellas too tho! #bsm

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Ask and you shall receive number 1!!!! r&b charts and number 7!!! in all genres!!!! tell me this ain’t #fate!!!!!!! #bsm thank you guys!!!! available now everywhere!!

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Available on spotify now!!!!! and on all digital platforms now!!! #bsm

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My n***a @iamricolove ❤️ @sean_pen @theexclusives #fate available everywhere now!!!! #bsm

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#fate number 19 in all genres!!!!!!!!! on itunes! lawd father you are showing out!! thank you!!! available now everywhere!! #bsm

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#fate available now everywhere spotify at 12pm!!! download to listen on your way to work!!! #bsm

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In two hours!! #fate y’all are soooo dope! 😢 #bsm

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I ain’t go this hard to lose!!! #fate available now everywhere!!!!! #bsm

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Words can’t describe my feelings right now!! on god only in my dreams i seen myself here #fate couldn’t have been a more appropriate name for this ep! to god be all the glory!! special thanks to my supportive amazing husband @iamricolove @_shawnareed_ @cavemanpromo_ @sean_pen @theexclusives @noisettejean @nilsonmartinez @badbodykiesha @iamrahmirk @nine.twenty.six @monabeyondblessed my f*****g team is amazing!!!! #bsm

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Available now on all digital platforms now!!!!!!!!!!!! #fate executive produced by @iamricolove #bsm

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Check out the play list for #fate!!! dropping at midnight everywhere!!!! #bsm

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My ep #fate will be available everywhere tonight at 12am est!!!! #bsm

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