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It only takes one teacher to make an impression. it only takes one to make an impact. it only takes one.

from the college football playoff and cfp foundation staffs, thank you teachers!

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‪the last time a national championship game was played in california? ‪2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣4️⃣ when florida state and auburn went to the wire to close out the bcs era.‬ ‪who will take home the title 1.7.19? ‬ ‪@bayarea2019//@levisstadium 🔜‬
#westcoastwednesday 🏈🏆‬

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“the lessons that she taught me followed me throughout my career and to this day with my children.” russell maryland talks about the teacher who greatly impacted his life. "it only takes one.” #cfbplayoff  #cfpextrayard #extrayardweek @dallascowboys @canesfootball @miamihurricanes @cfpextrayard

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Trophy tour week 3️⃣ - the #cfbplayoff trophy made an appearance at the @tcufootball/@ohiostatefb game!
where will the trophy head to next? 👀 #trophytuesday 🏈🏆

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“coach jordan gave me the confidence that i could compete in the classroom." herschel walker, former @georgiafootball bulldog and 1982 heisman trophy winner, talks about the teacher that coached him on and off the field. “it only takes one.” #cfpextrayard x #extrayardweek @cfpextrayard @ugaathletics

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“i grew up in a single-parent household and i didn’t have a father figure. he was the first person to come into my life and play that role.” darren woodson talks about the teacher who greatly impacted his life. "it only takes one.” #cfbplayoff  #cfpextrayard #extrayardweek @dallascowboys @sundevilathletics @sundevilfb @cfpextrayard

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“she gave me a lot of encouragement and took an interest in me.” hall of famer troy aikman talks about the teacher who greatly impacted his life in this installment of "it only takes one." #cfbplayoff #cfpextrayard #extrayardweek @cfpextrayard @uclafootball @uclaathletics @dallascowboys

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“there’s no question about it, she cared for me." the "it only takes one" campaign begins with heisman trophy winner, tony dorsett. #cfpextrayard #extrayardweek #cfbplayoff

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As the extra yard for teachers week celebration continues, check out this tremendous opportunity to have a donorschoose.org project fully funded! head to the #cfpextrayard facebook page, find the pinned #extrayardgives post, and comment with the @donorschoose project you want to fund! 🍏facebook.com/cfpextrayard

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#extrayardweek 2018 is here!‬
‪ ‬
‪follow along here all week long as we cheer for teachers nationwide! ‬ ‪🍏🏈 #cfbplayoff x #cfpextrayard

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Extra yard for teachers week starts tomorrow, and the #cfbplayoff staff is prepped and pumped on @cfpextrayard foundation friday!‬ ‪join us in celebrating and recognizing teachers across the country! 🍏‬ #cfpextrayard #extrayardweek

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9.11.01 #neverforget

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