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Beach day.

2 days ago comment 10 star 512

What’s good today, instagram?

4 days ago comment 66 star 722

Friday is family night.

2 weeks ago comment 28 star 917

Merry christmas and blessings to you in 2018!

3 weeks ago comment 88 star 1,208

Obama’s on the screen and my daughter on my chest...one year ago. life move fast.

4 weeks ago comment 41 star 923

Merry christmas!

last month comment 105 star 1,156

I’ve been all over the world looking for the best sunsets, and this made the top 10 list.

last month comment 24 star 705

Bundled up.

last month comment 23 star 743

Always take some time to unwind and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

last month comment 11 star 639

Special delivery from spain.

last month comment 29 star 629

Beach day, hope you are all enjoying the thanksgiving holidays!

last month comment 13 star 428

Two years ago we said, “i do.” there is no “ever after” as life is an ongoing process and our life is...it’s certainly not lacking adventure! people ask how i can be so productive and it’s because cyra has an amazing mom! happy anniversary to the greatest wife ever, @shaunanagans!

last month comment 49 star 1,191

Great weekend of wine tasting to cap off the birthday weekend.

last month comment 23 star 824

If they only knew what i am working on...

last month comment 39 star 786

This is 40.

last month comment 121 star 1,613

Going into my birthday weekend like...

last month comment 40 star 699

Dipping her toes into the water in philly.

November 2017 comment 35 star 739

And that’s a wrap! final day of shooting for our documentary on fake news! now they start the editing and post-production process as i focus on my next book. #hoaxedmovie

November 2017 comment 15 star 612

Checked out billy corgan’s solo show, it’s impressive, he’s still killing it (29 songs over 2 hours), great experience and highly recommended.

November 2017 comment 6 star 257

She’ll be walking on her own soon.

November 2017 comment 33 star 556