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Always a pleasure to meet great americans! #repost @xdaachosen1x ・・・ just met @cernovich in old town. true american patriot. him and his wife are very kind people. had a quick convo with one of the goats. follow him on ig and watch his videos on youtube for real news #realnews #patriot

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We assume what we see is reality, and yet a simple optical illusion reveals our fundamental perceptual shortcomings.

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Everything i used to judge parents for, i do! it conflicts the eff out of me that my daughter adores a corporate icon. when i see minnie mouse, i see a massive globalist anti-american company. that’s not what she sees, and she is obsessed with minnie mouse. maybe the fantasy is good for children? maybe i shouldn’t impose my judgments on her. before having children my judgments were far more certain than they are today....life is like that.

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Most won’t know what this is.

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Throwback thursday to saigon, in 2015 i spent 335 days out of the country, and i never felt more free than i did living in communist vietnam. once you travel to the east you see what a police state the west has become.

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Ever been to disneyland?

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Sometimes i wonder what it must be like being one of my haters and stalkers. what do they do all day? how do they have time to obsess over me? what are they doing on a saturday night? then i chuckle and imagine it must really s**k to hate me and have to consistently watch me win.

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Yes or no on this tie?

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My instagram is not political, i keep it personal, however we did throw a nice party in dc, and people of all backgrounds and viewpoints had a great time!

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I’m back to one of life’s pleasures, which is taking my daughter out for breakfast. i usually take the morning shift every other day, but was exhausted from travel and thus it was all on mama this week. she was exhausted, and today got to get an extra hour of sleep in. parenting is team work. god bless the single moms and those who are going at it alone, it’s rewarding and hard work.

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Sweet dreams.

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And away we go!

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Looking back, objectively i was a good looking guy, but i wasn’t happy and didn’t think much of myself or like myself. i was depressed and an insomniac. i was still looking for answers and chasing “happiness.” later on i learned about mindset and why happiness is a myth, and why instead we should seek integration and self-possession.

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Back home after another grueling yet inspiring work trip. used to travel all over the world - including 15 counties in one year. now this is where i want to be.

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Beach day with my partner-in-crime.

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Happy birthday to the best mom and wife i could ever imagine.

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I took her to the park and she insisted on sliding down by herself. my own brain is hard wired for novelty and risk taking, and it seems she takes after me.

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Surround yourself with beauty, you become your aesthetic and your aesthetic becomes you.

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Growing up green.

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