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Foam bath courtesy of the amazing products from @adamspolishes @adamspolishesarizona! we are arizona's local distributor for all your adams polishes products! swing by our facility to pick some up and get your shine on!

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Congratulations to @boosted_5.o for winning our 5k giveaway contest! thank to all who participated! we will definitely be doing more!

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Acura tl laid out looking pretty after 2 stage paint correction and ceramic pro sport!

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Our 5k giveaway contest ends at 6pm tonight! hurry up and go enter if you haven't already! check our previous posts for details

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Hey everyone! @hotimportnights is june 3rd. this year's show is going to be bigger and better than ever! we will be having a massive booth with our friends at @colorbombwraps_az showing off some of the sickest cars in az! if you aren't registered yet, dm us for details on how to get a $10 off coupon code! if your paint has swirls, let's fix that and get you that glossy, show-ready finish. paint correction and ceramic pro details are filling up fast, so contact us today to set up your appointment! (480) 703-7217 or hyerqualitydetail@gmail.com

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2017 infiniti q60s looking gorgeous after our @ceramicpro_official silver package! stop wasting money on wax! ceramic pro is a proven, warrantied product to protect your vehicles! get a free quote today! 480.703.7217 hyerqualitydetail@gmail.com

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@3xhonk's new wheels are looking 🔥🔥🔥 on his super clean gtr!

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Always new, ceramic pro

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Although our following is still small, this is a milestone that we are very excited about! from everyone at hqd, we can't thank you enough for all the support! we wanted to do a little giveaway for you guys where one lucky winner will receive 50% off of a ceramic pro bronze, silver, or gold package. all you have to do is be following our page and comment below tagging 3 friends that you think would love our page! winner will be announced on sunday!

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2017 gtr or 2017 nsx? what would you drive? 🤔

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2017 nissan gtr got a fresh new look from @colorbombwraps_az then coated in @ceramicpro_official for the best vinyl protection available! looking to get a free quote on a wrap? contact us at 480.703.7217 hyerqualitydetail@gmail.com

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Always new, ceramic pro

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This gorgeous 2017 acura nsx is all ready for the harsh arizona environment after our complete suite of protection. •full paint correction •ceramic pro gold package •ceramic pro wheels off •ceramic pro interior •suntek ultra full frontal ppf •3m crystalline window tint got a new car? let's keep it that way. contact us today for a free quote. 480.703.7217 hyerqualitydetail@gmail.com

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Say no to rock chips! contact us today for a free quote on protecting your investment 480.703.7217 hyerqualitydetail@gmail.com

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Teaser of the 2017 nsx we just finished 😏 by the way, if we do a giveaway once we reach 5k followers, what do you guys think it should be? 🤔

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Paint correction is going well on this 2017 toyota 4runner! she's almost ready for permanent protection from @ceramicpro_official @ceramicprousa @ceramicpro_lifestyle

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Summer is upon us and that means harsh uv rays that can damage your paint! having your roof vinyl wrapped is a great way to keep it protected while adding a custom touch at the same time! contact us for a free quote today! 480.703.7217 hyerqualitydetail@gmail.com

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Has your paint seen better days? let hqd take your finish back in time 👴🏼➡️👶🏼

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Let's talk about "paint correction" almost every detailer offers paint correction, but the prices can vary greatly depending on the detailer you choose. why is this, you ask? because all correction is not equal. that lower cost you see means less time spent actively perfecting your paint. instead, cheap compounds and polishes are used. these products contain fillers that only temporarily hide paint defects. at hqd, we spend as much time as it takes to get your paint looking amazing. we use only the best compounds and polishes that actually remove your paint defects permanently. paired with our fine tuned italian polishers, 8+ years of experience, and passion; this is what makes hqd your go-to guys for all your paint correction needs!

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