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Auckland's bridge, with the lights extra beautiful in the evening.

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Life is good, alcohol free so far! caroline in action!

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A present from indonesia for caroline. most natural soaps plus yohurt green tea and deep sleep lavender and camomile. all 100% organic.

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Caroline cooking tonight! cees and nico enjoyed the meal. it alien european style!

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My japanese pinky shirt today!!

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Fly me to the moon? and back?

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Auckland, takapuna beach!

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Today's home made bread made by caroline. back glutenfree organic and front the white one! tastes yummie!

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Caroline 17 years young. bikini model.

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My favourite pics this year! more coming! caroline lorinet. www.carolinelorinet.com.au for mothers day!

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Always there! over 800 years? rangitoto! walk to the top, worth the view!

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From home to beach 80 meters!

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