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I really really love the #clusexnegin collection! especially the color is amazing 😍👌🏼 you should check it out @cluse!! 👉🏼tag the most important person in your life and tell my why 🙋🏼❤️ for me: i love my sister and my mom bc their love is endless no matter what. they are always there for me and stand behind me. spending time with both is priceless and makes me super happy !

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I’m so excited to launch together with my babygirl @bonniestrange ghost girl in germany! buy now at @dm_deutschland and check out @ghostfragrances_de to see which #ghostgirl you are 😌😍 #ad #anzeige #werbung

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I belong to the beach 🏖 #vamppedtours @bahamasphotographer

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We need nothing else right @bridget ? 😍❤️ #vamppedtours 📸 @bahamasphotographer

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There is so much more i wanna explore in this beautiful world 🌎😌

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Captured my first experience with dolphins 🐬😍 unforgettable moments @cluse #fallforcluse shop the whole collection with my code „caro15“ #ad #werbung

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@bridget and i agree that there is nothing better than exploring the island with the bikes ! it’s so much fun 😌🚴🏼‍♀️ but be careful .. some land in the water all the time 😂 @bahamasphotographer

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Love being a part of @vampped vacations #vamppedtours 🏄🏼‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🛥

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Sunset with the family 🐬😍 @cluse #fallforcluse use code „caro15“ to shop the collection #ad #anzeige

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Life could be worse 🐬🙆🏼 have an amazing time here @shangrilamaldives #shangrilamaldives @vampped #vampppedtours #privatehideway

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This place is just unreal 😍🙆🏼🐬 thank you at @vampped #vamppedtour #shangrilamaldives #privatehideway

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My day starts when the coffee kicks in 😝 wie würde euer #lattessomoments aussehen ? postest dazu ein bild mit dem hashtag und folgt @lattesso. ihr könnt wöchentlich 500chf gewinnen #anzeige #ad

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I wanna say again every woman can be proud to be a woman! let’s be strong together😌. everything that has hurt me in life, i‘ve dealt on with my own. i‘ve cried myself to sleep, yet i always pick myself back up bc i know there is something better coming! i deeply believe there is a reason why.. when things don’t work out .. it’s best to leave it behind you and move forward. i have grown from things meant to break me and i get stronger by the day! we all can! this is the same message @lascanaofficial sends out bc #itsawomansworld #anzeige #ad

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I share my ice cream only with u 👄 @bridget

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My beloved wiesn squad ❤️ @tessafelizitas @juelimery dirndl @ludwigtherese #madlwiesn💙

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How could it be better than sharing beautiful moments #lattessomoments with your bestie ?😍😍😍😍 gewinnt nun eine traumreise nach mykonos für 2 personen ins @cavotagoomykonos, indem ihr den goldenen schlüssel in einem der becher mit meinem gesicht findet 🙌🏻🙌🏻😍🔑 ganz viel glück ❤️ @lattesso #cavotagoomykonos #ad #anzeige

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Follow me around 🦄🙋🏼 @cluse use my code 'caroe15' to shop the new jewellery and also the whole collection #fallforcluse #cluse #ad #anzeige

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It's a woman's world! 🙋🏼 i love every aspect of being a woman!! i loved being a daughter, a sister and one day becoming a mother and wife! i believe that every woman is strong and together we are stronger! i always find something positive that i can smile about. i try to never look back bc there is always a reason when you leave stuff behind you! we are more then just pretty girls! i'm a warrior, powerful, clever and my love is endless! women can make the world to a better one! believe in yourself and being a woman and all of the advantages it brings ❤️lingerie @lascanaofficial #lascana #itsawomansworld #ad #anzeige

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Feeling like a princess in my @krueger_dirndl 👸🏼🍻 hair & makeup by @wiesnstylinglounge 💕📸 @gracemaier #oktoberfest #oktoberfest2017 #ozapftis #happy #girl #dirndl #cottoncandy

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