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Anyone else swoon over an organized #closet ?! 🥰 i can finally see everything i own 😂 i guess i can’t complain that i have nothing to wear anymore 💁‍♀️ swipe through for more room views 🤗 #fengshui #interiordesign

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After a little over a week of studying #fengshui i am 95% done with my bedroom!! creating this positive space is something i’ve wanted to do for years! i’m definitely not an expert in feng shui nor am i an expert in #interiordesign but i think my room turned out pretty good! i spent a total of about $100 on paint, new pillows, and sheets. everything else i used was what i had in storage. i still need to paint trim work, add some crown molding, paint my closet, and find a couple more art pieces (minor details). my next task is creating a positive space for a home office/play room for my nephews 🤗 i’m enjoying myself so much with these projects!! ✌🏻👽 #beforeandafters

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Are you listening to the universe?! ✨🌞🌛💫 “the universe is giving you signs everyday in your sleep, on your timeline, in your conversations, on the radio, in the clouds, in epiphanies. pay attention to them and piece them together. you will notice a pattern. that’s the universe communicating to you.” ✨🌞🌛💫

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Spreading the joy of #yoga is something i can give infinitely. i was so humbled and filled with happiness when my fellow models decided to join me in a quick yoga sesh after lunch and before our fittings/show. this was exactly what we needed to calm the nerves and relax the mind and body to perform at our best!! #partsunlimited #dragspecialties #fashionshow #nvmodels @ali_garey @melissaadelcarmen @chestergricks @sarahjburgett

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The parts unlimited/drag specialties fashion show at the louisville nvp was 🔥🔥🔥 so thankful for the opportunity to show off new apparel and accessories from @thormxofficial @alpinestars @officialmooseracing @iconmotosports @broken_homme @agvhelmets @afxhelmets and many more! 🎥 repost from @partsmagazine #partsunlimited #dragspecialties #nvmodels #louisvillenvp #partsmagazine @parts_unlimited @dragspecialties

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“there are two basic motivating factors: fear and love. when we are afraid, we pull back from life. when we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.” -john lennon ❤️ regardless of the ups and downs, celebrate your love! celebrate it every day! i love you @joeconley87 🥰 thank you for giving me such an amazing evening and sharing the love that makes me passionate, excited, and accepting of this life!

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Accepting yourself for who you are is sooooo freeing! i thought i knew myself, but i’ve just hit a whole new level i didn’t know existed. recent discovery: hi, i’m carmen and i’m addicted to love ❤️ sounds funny at first, but it’s a real thing and something i’ve realized i need to overcome. with this recent discovery, i’ve also realized that i’ve always had my version of what love should look like and how i want to be loved but there’s one big problem!! i havent been loving myself the way i want to be loved!! i’ve put off things i’ve wanted to do for years because of my relationships. i have poured my cup empty so many times and never fully refilled it. this next chapter of my life is about changing that! stay tuned, because this journey begins with creating my own space where i can heal, balance my energies, and grow into adulthood. (it’s about time! lol! i’m about to be 30!!) #yearofgrowth #creatingspace #thisonesforme #addictedtolove

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It’s complicated. the only thing anyone needs to know and understand is that i’m making choices that are best for me. my focus is on myself and i’m sticking to it. i feel good with where i’m at. i’m excited to have time for me, my friends, and my clients. i’m getting to experience a part of life i’ve never experienced before. a part of relationships i’ve never had to experience before. i’m becoming more open to the unknown and listening to what the universe is telling me. yea, life is complicated. relationships are complicated. learn from your experiences and grow! #yearofme #itscomplicated #lovingmyself #bootygains🍑

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The biggest lesson i have learned over the last 24-48 hours is this...you have to get rid of all of your distractions before you can truly listen to yourself and to what the universe wants you to receive. don’t get me wrong, distractions are hard to see sometimes. and they are not always what you would call “bad”. for me, i become blinded by love. i love to love others. the only problem is that when i’m constantly pouring into someone else’s cup, i have no energy to spend on myself. that’s when i start projecting my faults and insecurities onto others. most of us do this. i feel like this is normal to go through. the key here is to move forward. i have decided to put myself in a place where i can focus on me. it’s not easy to do but it’s necessary. since i’ve made this decision, things have become so much more clear. my next steps have become clearer. do i plan to still give my love? yes. the majority of my love will now go to myself so that i can love others how i truly wish to love them. ♥️✌🏻👽

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I took a mental health day today. i feel like everyone needs to take these. if you feel like one is necessary, dont be afraid to ask! pretty much anyone is going to understand. and if you can’t have it right away, you’ll probably get one in the future. a long hike and a long workout at the gym put me where i needed to be mentally. as i begin a new chapter of my life, focusing on myself will be top priority. i can’t constantly pour into someone else’s cup if i’m not filling my own. ✌🏻👽 #yearofchange #gymjunkie #hikingadventures #imdoingme

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I pushed through my anxiety today and managed to get in a workout. it was short and sweet but at least i showed up for myself. 🙌✌🏻👽#theyearofme #thegymismycure #fallinginlovewithmyself

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“if you’re out there and need help, please seek it. be proud of your valiant day-to-day struggle. there is no shame in needing support.” -jared padalecki
i expressed a need for someone to talk to today. not because i wanted sympathy or someone to feel sorry for me, but because i didn’t know how to handle a certain situation. i struggled to make sense of my thoughts and i felt like everything was caving in on me. i let my anger get the best of me, my emotions get the best of me, and my negative thoughts get the best of me. i’m not perfect. i felt the need to ask for help during a time i would normally close myself off. instead of feeling ashamed for what i was going through, i decided to use my voice and let it be known i needed help. .
this was the best decision i could have made. no i didn’t tell everyone what was going on. i chose a select few to talk things out with to help make sense of what was going around in my head. however, the fact that i didn’t need to tell people what was going on and still got so much love and support means the world to me. it has opened my eyes to those around me who i need to appreciate more. those people who i didn’t even realize were in my corner. for someone who struggles to vocalize her words, this post is all i know to do to thank each and every person who reached out to me. just seeing your messages and hearing your voices remind me that i’m not alone. your support means more than you know!

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