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Huge #wcw shout-out to these two beautiful ladies! i met both of these two through ig and they have been some amazing teammates! @blueeyedandbushytailed is #killinit in her workouts right now 🔥💪 her #determination and #hardwork continues to inspire me 💥✨ her daily posts, that big smile, and her #spunky personality pushes me to show up! 🏋️ @hayleyoga_ entraps me with her #generosity and her giant ♥️ just messaging her about business ideas, you can feel her #passion and excitement for what she does. she reminds me to have fun with my work because if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life! ✌️👽 after 3 years of this coaching thing, i'm still shocked at the friendships i make along the way. 👯

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Wanna know what’s #doableaf? 😏 my next online bootcamp. wanna know why? 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s only 30-40 min a day, 4 days a week, 3 rest days, and you get a cheat meal 🍕👅 wanna do it with me?? #linkinbio 🙃 we start on the 1st! ***super time sensitive and limited spots available 👯‍♀️💋

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"you cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside..." join me this evening at 6:30pm for a relaxing #restorativeyoga sessions. after all the #stress you put your #mind and #body through during your day, take one hour to #detox all the negativity away. #selflove is the best #love! ♥️

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Pumpkin spice lovers!!! wouldn't it be awesome if your favorite indulgent treat was also the healthiest meal of your day?? and wouldn't it be awesome if you could not only reduce your cravings but lose weight too? what about any of the following?! 🎃strengthen your immune system
🎃improve your digestion
🎃improve your brain function
🎃strengthen your hair and nails
🎃increase your libido
🎃stimulate your thyroid
🎃regulate your hormones
🎃regenerate your liver cells
🎃help your body manage stress?? shakeology (the shake that fuels my life!) is launching a limited edition pumpkin spice flavor!!!! and it goes on sale today! 👉 dm, pm, or [email protected]👈
and i'll send you an order to confirm as soon you let me know you want your fall in a cup. this will sell out!
#pumkinspice #bringonfall

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#magic happens when you choose not to give up, even when you really want to. the #universe always falls in love with a stubborn #heart ♥️✨

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Hi! my name is #lucy and i'm afraid of #umbrellas. ☂️🤦#dogsofinstagram #austrailianshepherd #pitbull #edbypetsmart

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Relax. repair. restore. happy #selflovesaturday

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#sky above me 🌌 #earth below me 🌎 & a #fire within me 🔥where my fellow #firesigns at?!

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Before i call it a night, i have to give a big thank you to a couple people!! first of all, thank you @xcrissxcross for going on this health journey with me and putting in so much hard work! our virtual workout dates are exactly what i need to stay accountable. sometimes it feels like you coach me just as much as i coach you!! 😜
also, thank you @joeconley87 for being my rock and supporting me on my journey. i might tell you i hate it, but when you tell me to lift my knees higher or push harder, it gives me more motivation to keep going and not give up. i also appreciate you pretending to teabag me while i do core. i feel like i get a little extra workout in with all the laughing you make me do! 😂 #grateful #givethanks #t********g #thatswhatloveisallabout

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I love the freeze frame facebook decided to use for this live video in my grocery challenge 😂😂😂 we're just getting started if anyone wants to join!

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When #legday is on #flexfriday 🍑 i feel so good today! maybe it's because i worked out everyday this week and my weekend consists of #restdays! 😴

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Got my coffee and it's #friday ☕ so far i'm 2️⃣ for 2️⃣!!! #friyay #coffeeaddict #morningcoffee

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