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Yeah, your boy caved and went to coachella this weekend. photos by @tornblackjeans.

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On the set of ‘who do you love’. taken by @tornblackjeans.

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New york. photo taken by @dkessler.

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Thankyou for the birthday wishes...

January 2019 comment 20,998 star 573k

Flashback (to yesterday). possibly one of the best nights of my life and of this bands’ career. i saw firsthand the trials and tribulations that contributed into making this album and for it to be recognized and received so well in our home country means more than words. on an unrelated note, i saw gang of youths tonight and it made me realize how much i love music. ready to make a new album for y’all.

November 2018 comment 15,223 star 478k

Woke up in belgium with some of my best friends. also the dog made me think of my dog, duke. i miss my dog, duke.

November 2018 comment 11,692 star 622k

⚡️home show away from home. caught by @andydeluca.⚡️

October 2018 comment 7,872 star 359k

‘shenanigans’ - a series caught by @andydeluca. loving touring with these lovely people.

October 2018 comment 5,798 star 363k

Luke wouldn’t be happy i posted the last one so i have regrets. here’s a new one. 📸 @andydeluca

September 2018 comment 8,328 star 366k

⚡️taking care of business in memphis, tennessee. had an amazing time visiting graceland. always and forever will be in awe of elvis presley. excuse my day off attire.⚡️

September 2018 comment 11,159 star 507k

I’ve seen each and every one of these individuals beside me go through hardships, trials and tribulations these last few years of making the album ‘youngblood’. today we stand at number 4 at us radio and number 10 on billboards’ hot 100 and can’t help but feel this is only the beginning of 5 seconds of summer. photo taken by @andydeluca.

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Scroll for a surprise. 📸 @andydeluca

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