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#facenotimportant bye marin! it has been a fantastic 5 day photo shoot with an awesome crew, clients and @emilymerrillphoto! my week was xtremely creative, i love directing on a shoot, it’s a collaborative process vs the usual sitting in front of a computer pushing pixels around and searching for stock photos. 😑 😄#artdirector #adlife #outtakes #onset

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Good morning marin! it’s my last day here and it’s a free day to sightsee and hope to see some old friends! i’m already missing the clients and set crew from this week! #hotelportrait #hotelseries #impliednude #artdirector #werklifebalance

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What i do to get the right shot, go rogue off the location shot list & hike up a mountain in lace up suede boots & leopard print pants. we got what i wanted plus got to see marin from an amazing high view. thanks to a great crew who shlepped all the way up with their camera eq to do this- thanks to our awesome digitech @chingweijiang for capturing this candid shot of me in plain boring clothes just squatting on top of a hill. #keepingitreal #mugglelife #artdirector #onlocation #advertisinglife #nofilter #candid

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It feels like eons ago that i was performing with @saltcityburlesque! but it was just last saturday! now i’m in marin ca with both costumes, a giant headpiece, boa, and feather fans, maybe i’ll wear it on friday on wrap day 🤣 here’s a clip of my silver fringe act, choreo inspired by @whoisinga!! video by @718mango

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It’s finally happening!!!! the @naughtynoirshow 2019 showgirl calendar is now available for purchase! there is a calendar release party on thursday 12/13 at midnight at @thedelancey. i’m so honored to be on this again! 🥰 come celebrate another year past with us and let’s make plans for the future! we can keep track of everything in our new calendars!!!! #naughtynoir #naughtynoirshow #showgirlcalendar #calendar #calendargirls #pinups #models #calendarreleaseparty #2019 #showgirls #nyc #burlesqueshow #nycburlesque

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Day 3 on set location 2 in mill valley in a le gorgeous home. it’s light drizzling but the location rocks! great crew too. #artdirector #setlife #werklifebalance

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Day 2 success! i’m really enjoying this work trip, way more creative & collaborative with interesting fun ppl than the market research work trip to germany back in april. set life is so fun but i’m on my feet all day going from wardrobe to talent to scene to green room. no wonder everyone wears sneakers. but not me cuz i’m a showgirl inside. and we werk. #worklifebalance #hotelseries #caliliving #tiburon #hotelportrait #winedown #blackandwhitephotography #portrait #bestlife #hotellife

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I snuck away to do a photo myself damnit! beautiful home on set today #bathroomgoals #setlife #selfie #portrait

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Good morning day 2 of shooting in marin. 7 am call time 😫

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Good morning marin! shifting gears this week from showbiz to art director life. doing a big photo shoot this week in marin county (i’m not in front of the camera for once 😬). the only thing i know about marin is the dead kennedy’s song moon over marin....i hope there’s ramen. #artdirector #adlife #hotelportrait

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I can’t get over how fabulous #copasalina was last night! a historic home renovated for modern and retro lifestyle with this tiki bar room! a true speakeasy in syracuse. serving up tiki album realness here @daniellesaintvelvet thank you @hat lowholiday for introducing us to this fabulous place and @britishink for inviting a bunch of showgirls in for late night drinks! #tikibar #tikidecor #speakeasy

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