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Sad to say our lucy passed away this week. she was a remarkable cat who will be missed dearly. her sister of 17 years is now without her sweet companion. we are grateful for the love and comfort she gave our family, and she is in our hearts forever. #pet #pets #animals #furbaby #familypet

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. . . are you ready for a new year, and new opportunities? . . . 2018 is a fresh new start! if you have had some tough times in 2017, now more than ever is the time to make someone else's life better. you see, how we treat other people changes them, but even more so, how we treat other people changes us. this is the wondrous gift of giving; through this act, we receive an important part of our own identity. small acts of kindness between you and the individuals around you create such abundance. let us all reach out with a hope that we could each bring some degree of happiness to other human beings. let each of us lead a revolution of support in the lives of others. giving is always one of the most powerful ways to manifest. share the treasure of your love with others and you will always be rich. treat others with respect and you will always be wealthy, because your community is your real currency. . . . here is to family, friends, and a beautiful new year for us all! . . . big love, jenni & bryant . . . #2018 #newyear #newyearseve #success #change #positivity #quotes

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. . . 2018 is ready for you! are you ready for it? . . . who you are is shaping your so-called reality. when you change — the world changes with you. this is what "be the change" means. this is what the "law of attraction" is all about. this is the basis of personal responsibility. if you don't find what you're looking for, be what you're looking for. . . . #2018 #newyear #newyearseve #success #change #positivity #quotes

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Wherever you are in the world, we wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays. sending you our love and best wishes. <3 — bryant & jenni ... @bryantmcgill @jenniyoung_ #merrychristmas #christmas #christmaseve #happyholidays

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Mcgizzle snack run in the atx hood — busta-shoppin’ move and snack’n like a gangsta ✊🏼✌🏼@jenniyoung_ . . . #piesinoven #atx #kingsofsouth #loveinmotion #atl #rap #dance #fun #dirtybirds #atlantafalcons #love #cute #fun #couples #soulmates #team #fire #howwedo

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Thanks iyanla. ❤️ repost from @iyanlavanzant “every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” -- bryant mcgill where you sit at the table is where you put yourself. where you sit reflects your patterns, beliefs, and training. you can change your seat with one conscious thought. watch wednesday’s facebook live replay ​https://goo.gl/asj4a4. access prayers, assignments & free gifts  www.awakeningonemillion.com.

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. . . into the abyss, ..of the deepest heart i dive and hold my breath 'till death, ..to stay alive. . . . with love anything is possible. i love you jenni young mcgill. thank you, thank you, thank you — for the blessing you are to me, and to so many others! ❤️👑 . . . #soulmates #twinflames #soulmate #twinflame #love #class #women #womenempowerment #forever #foreverlove #relationships #lovestory #oneness #partners #partnership #together #harmony

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A true woman leader... and with jonny cash style! 😂❤️ #welovephotography

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A magical night with friends. if you want to be the best, learn from the best! andrew is one of the world’s top digital marketers, public speakers, servant leaders, and above all a great guy and family man. anyone with over a half-billion in sales that stays humble and uses their success to make the world a better place — the definition of a role model. ✨🙏🏻✨ #friendship #business #legacy #integrity #smm #marketing #leadership #socialmedia #success #biohacking #positivethinking #mentor #mentors

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The ultimate selfie 🤳 stick!!! the rig. photo 1 is version #1 (a sort of prototype) and the rest of the photos are v2 with final revisions, streamlines, and workflows. almost there... :) . . . * one button automation and posting to all social and sites.
* fully remote controlled. * no production crew required * multi-camera. no editing required.
* auto stream.
* automated encoding and upload to new platform and site.
* auto archival of hd to library . . . #geeks #gearhead #geek #camera #video #stream #livestream #youtube #hardware #selfie #selfiestick #studio #production #gamers #gadget #gadgets #photography #photographylovers #videographer

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The magic in life is everywhere you take it. the blessings never stop if you lead with your heart. ✨💪🏼✨

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I’d rather you impress me, than love me. — bryant mcgill . . . i’d rather you impress me, than love me. i’d rather you be strong in your own opinions, than yield to mine for approval. we should delight in people’s lives being full of impressive accomplishments, precisely because we do love and care about them. we should be proud of people having their own opinions, even when those opinions differ from our own, because real love wants every person to be independent, strong, and confident. when we really care for people’s development and wellbeing, our admiration of their impressive accomplishments feels even more deeply satisfying, than their admiration of our own opinions and accomplishments. one of the most powerful and practical forms of unconditional love, is being impressed — with those whom we disagree, and even more so, with those we know may not even like us, or our way of seeing the world. being loved feels good to us all, but when someone impresses us, that commands respect. i’d rather be impressed and respect you first, but if we have both love and respect, well — that is just unparalleled! it is so pleasurable to see people standing tall and thriving with self-reliance. we should rather sacrifice our egos, if it helps another ascend beyond the suffocating reach of our own insecurities. never allow your insecurities to create insecurity in others. like any good coach, temporary mentor, or friend should think — you don’t have to like me, and we don't always have to agree, but learn what you can from me; throw out the rest, and above all — go out there and be great! . . . i knew i was a winner because humility taught me that every person is a winner. i knew i was great, because humility taught me, that every person is great. . . . and guess what, you are great too! . . . (finish reading in comments...) . . . #success #growth #worthy #greatness #humility #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #quotes #selflove #appreciate #love

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So blessed to have you both in our lives... you are royal to the core 👑 love you both! #friendship #mission #healthhero

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You will find what you look for, so look for something wonderful! — bryant mcgill . . . my daughter scottlynn still sees the magic 🌟 scottlynn, i want to be just like you when i grow up... ❤️

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Blessed and delighted to spend some quality time with dr. thompson, a brilliant and heart-centered true thought leader, who has brought his training of grace and compassion to thousands of medical doctors around the world. 🙏🏻

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There is nothing wrong with who you are between smiles. . . . positive thinking is useful, but highly overrated. being truly successful does not require winning the positivity pageant. being unsatisfied is healthy too. my whole life is an engine of dissatisfaction. it's why i wake-up in the morning. if you are unsatisfied, moody, discontented, and the song in your heart sounds more like a long frustrated moan, it's fine — groan, grumble, sigh, even growl. but, don't forget this; you are more. real success is found in the balance of all things. be fair with life, inasmuch as you wish life to be fair with you. make your contentment equal to your discontentment. voice your praise-filled gratitude as loudly, as your shouts of foul. pray or give thanks in your own way, as earnestly as you bemoan your woes. savior and sigh in the bliss of affections, as gutturally as your furrowed growls. shout glory, hallelujah, or thank you, thank you, thank you, as fervently as your most exquisite rage. it's not wrong to be upset. it's not wrong to cry. it's not wrong to want attention. it's not even wrong to scream or throw a fit. what is wrong is to keep it all inside. what is wrong is to blame and punish yourself for simply being human. what is wrong is to never be heard and to be alone in your pain. share it. let it out. (continue reading in comments...) . . . #life #getreal #goodenough #selfacceptance #selflove #perfection #emotions #honesty #truth #quotes #beyourself #selfhelp #anger #sadness

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#tbt — treasuring this moment and family trip forever... ❤️

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Thank you @akiroq for the beautiful necklace; a true masterpiece of craftsmanship that matches my daughter, @sierra_mcgill’s beautiful eyes and personality. 🙏🏻👑

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Progress and healing involves seeing every person as not so different from ourselves. when we truly see each other, we can't help but to care for one another. . . . #change #leadership #heartcentered #affection #fearless #heart #soul #connecting #mcgill2024 #hugaworldleader #diplomacy #internationalrelations

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