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It’s check in sunday..... that means it’s the day where i take photos and measurements and am reminded that i really need to learn how to brush my teeth without making a mess. my mirror really doesn’t deserve to be covered in dry toothpaste water 😂. i swear i am going to wipe that s**t off as soon as i’m done making this “good morning” post 🌤😘 •exciting news• i’m getting ready to drop my first ever training program ebook 😝 so stay up to date by following me here, facebook and youtube 🔥a lot of you have been asking for this for a long time and i’m finally doing it. 🖤 #itmakesence #straightouttabed #workingagainstgravity #fitness #crossfit #getnakedprogram #anotherdayanotherdolla #anothernighttomakeahoholla

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You’re looking at the all the possible covers for the may/june strong magazine cover. 😝 i always have such a great time when shooting wih different fitness magazines but this experience was by far one of my favorites. thank you @strongfitnessmag for the opportunity. 🔥click the link in my bio🔥 to vote on your favorite cover #itmakesence #strongfitnessmag 📷: @west_studio #fitness #crossfit #strongwomen

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Just some light technique work 🖤 olympic lifting is life🖤 shoes: yes those are inov8, i wore them before nobull came out with their lifters and since i’m not signed with a shoe/apparel company, i am back to searching for products that feel great on my feet and body. 😁 and i promise to start sharing feedback via my youtube channel.💁🏼‍♀️ lol and no i am absolutely not throwing shade people. i just know you’re going to ask about my shoes in the comments. me and nobull are very cool and we support each other to the max. as for my shoes, well my “dancer” feet are very temperamental and i have yet to find a pair of shoes that i really feel confident in. haha however, i have not tried different brands since 2015 soooo that is probably why. love you people so if you haven’t followed my channel yet, do it! 💪🏼 #itmakesence #weightlifting #crossfit #training #brutestrength

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Good morning my people! it’s time to wake up, drink good coffee, train hard and dominate your “to do” list. hahaha that’s what i am gonna do anyways, along with find a killer breakfast spot in la. cause you know i have serious brunch intentions 😏 #itmakesence #burritointentions #willworkoutforburritos #crossfit 📷: @rikerbrothers

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Your favorite duo is flying to la tonight. i’m making business moves, gearing up for another @encewear launch and just some good old fashioned fun with the j to my bj. 😜 hahaha she never saw it coming. sneak attack #adventureswithbandj #itmakesence #welovelove #encewear #triggeredaf

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What at first felt like a complete failure and disappointment, 18.3 has now given me just another thing to change from a weakness to a strength. {high rep double unders.} i forget where i was just a short 6 months ago and have to remind myself to be kind to myself. this s**t is hard, both mentally and physically and when you pour your heart and soul into something and you feel you under performed or failed, it can be a bit devastating. but when you can feel those feelings, make sense of them, learn and move forward from them.... well that is when you know you’re growing not only as an athlete but as a person and that is something to be proud of. and baby did i grow today 🖤 😁🔥 18.3 is old news, i’m moving on to 18.4 💪🏼 📷: @heber_cannon #itmakesence #thecomeback #crossfit #beresilient

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The 18.2 redo + tuesday’s training has got me needing a 2nd #activerecovery day. so swimming it is 🐠 😁 good luck to everyone doing 18.3 today 💪🏼 i’ll be over here floatin 😎 #itmakesence #swimming #crossfit

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March gainz 📦 comes with the softest, most comfortable silicone jewelry = @pyrkia #itmakesence #gainzbox #pyrkia #lovemypyrkia #activejewelry

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The women who shaped me 💪🏼🖤 #internationalwomensday i have been sitting here trying to take all the reasons to celebrate these woman and fit them into a short social media post and i just can’t. so i’ll just say this- i have learned how to love, grow, fight, laugh, learn, protect, ladyboss and for sure how to be resilient from these women. from brain 🧠 surgery to back surgery, years of dialysis to continuing the fight of life as a double amputee. these woman have shown me i can come back from anything. and i promise to take what i have learned from them and keep sharing it with all of you. 🖤 • “here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them” #itmakesence #beresilient

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Crime scene after last nights metcon 🚑 for time: 100 double under 21 ring muscle up 100 double under -3:00 rest- 100 double under 21 ring muscle up 100 double under -3:00 rest- 15-12-9-6-3 of: ski erg calories shoulder to overhead @125 # my total time- 29:14 give it a try and post your time 💪🏼 you can also try out he workouts on the @trifectasystem app. i program the gpp for it and i would love to see how all of you are doing/progressing #itmakesence #thecomeback #brutestrength #imsoreaf

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“you can do this, you have it in you, all the strength you need is in your mind and your mental game is strong as fuck” 💪🏼🔥 no matter the outcome, no matter my score or time.... this season is a success because i am here, i am happy and i am enjoying the journey of becoming a healthier, happier, better me! i’m not a boss bitch... i’m the boss, b***h 😜 📷: @marzmedia #itmakesence #imnotgivingup #thecomeback #crossfit #beresilient #iambothfeminineandmasculine #iamalphaomega 🤯 so #staytriggered #sorrynotsorry

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People ask.... what should i do to get a better score on 18.2/18.2a ? well..... dig deeper than you want to. the difference between a 5:29 and a 4:41 score on 18.2. 🙌🏼 don’t get confused by the look on my face, i was actually smiling and enjoying the agony and pain 😂. over here loving every tear, drop of sweat, ounce of blood and i hope you’re doing the same. 📷: @marzmedia #itmakesence #thecomeback #yagirlstillgotit #makingmyselfproud #crossfit #celebrateallthevictories #lightsarealwayson #ihavenipplesgregcanyoumilkme hahahaha

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My night at the bar might look a little different than your night at the bar 😜 same same but different #itmakesence #samesamebutdifferent #thecomeback #crossfit #sametimetomorrow

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🚨 what is one thing you’re proud of ???🚨tell me in the comments and tag your friends 🏆 good luck to everyone doing 18.2 today. i went yesterday and considering to try again monday. i got a great time, however i think i want to grind a little harder and shave some seconds. i cleaned 232# and missed 237# but post surgery, being able to keep my hands on the bar long enough to get under both those weights was a big accomplishment 💪🏼. remember • if you are giving it your true 💯 you have every right to feel good about your score regardless of what you wish you got. because if you truly gave it your all, then that’s all you could have done. we cannot control how fit everyone else is, we can only control how fit we are and the work we put in. 1 thing for you to start doing is controlling your thoughts. keep your mind on a short leash, celebrate small victories and be willing to give your workout everything you have, not what you think other people might have. we are as fit as we’re going to be, let the work you have done pay off and get excited to keep the training going. • k**l it 💪🏼• stay aware, dont blackout • tell yourself, this is when you get better• when want to stop, don’t. it’s that simple. ☺️ #itmakesence #thecomeback #crossfit #roadtorecovered #newneckwhodis

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Going into 18.2 like 🐳 ... meaning fun, i’m gonna have fun 😄 feeling really good about this one, i love that it’s for time and that the reps stop at 10... 😂 thank you for that dave. #thecomeback #itmakesence #crossfit #enjoytheprocess #encewear #bionic #newneckwhodis #paleoethics

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☀️ praying for sunshine tomorrow in santa cruz hoodie: @encewear ( tune in this friday to find out when it’s all coming back) shorts: homemade ✂️ cut some relentless jeans #itmakesence #imfreezing #encewear #customclothing

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18.1 was a great workout, 20 minutes of lower reps lower skill ••••• 🧐 ohhh i wonder what is coming this thursday . regardless of what it is , i’m going to give it my 💯 ! enjoying the opportunity to be part of this years search to find the 2018 fittest. 📸: @marzmedia link on bio -> 18.1 episode #sothickshemakethewholeroomuncomfortable #thecomeback #itmakesence #crossfit #fitness #domynipplesoffendyou #triggered #encewear #brutestrength

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Just finished my late night training session and me and my new gym bag are heading straight to the gas station for a sparkling water 😍 ahhhhh i’m so dang thirsty!!! training: work to a max set of 4 “touch n go” power s****h • 20 reps at 80% of the established weight snatch pulls - 3,3,3,3 @ 90% emom 6:00 : 12 alt db s****h 35# 6 wallballs 4 rounds nft: 20 reps db front rack box step ups 6 weight glute ham raise then 50-40-30-20-10 of: air squat double under ski erg for calories *all in a 14lb weight vest goodnight my people ✨lets do it again tomorrow #itmakesence #nightatthebar #crossfit #thecomeback #fitness #thesnackpack #isthishowyoupose lol

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You’re probably thinking “ohh brooke is posting some f*cking marketing thing for one of her sponsors” and you would be half correct. this is in fact a thank you post but doesn’t that photo make you kinda wanna try the flavors i mess with 😏 @killcliff is an amazing company that also makes a pretty delicious product. my very first sponsor 🙏🏼 to swoop me up • i was a great athlete but they saw potential in me that they found more important than my athletic career. haha it did in fact help that i was getting pretty good at my sport though. just want them to know how grateful i am for them and the amount of patience they have with me. from being mia while shooting movies in europe , to juggling multiple responsibilities and of course having neck surgery , they have been there for me. and on that note i really want to shout out to @blackbaker for literally checking on me throughout my entire recovery- even having his brother keep an eye on my while i was in the hospital. 🖤🖤 loving all the good peeps out there. that includes all of you as well ya know, i’m so happy you have stuck around 😁 s**t is about to get real real. 😎 🔥💃🏼 #itmakesence #believeinyourself but also #workwiththosethatbelieveinyou #killcliff #fitness #crossfit #encewear

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In the march @gainzbox - ohhh just some exclusive @encewear merch 😜 ✂️ modified #bebold #itmakesence #gainzbox #ilovecollaboratingwithfriends #crossfit #fitness #pyrkia

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