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Me walking away from multiple moments of possible negativity today like........@imaanhammam #nottoday

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Karlie, you look great! filming a tv show along side you has been not only incredibly fun and laugh inducing but also awesome for my self esteem! like today for instance, i showed up to work in the morning in sweatpants, two coffee stains, and a puffy eye. they made me up in to a semi real person for camera, and then i left again in sweatpants (and with a weird skin reaction to the makeup?? 🤷🏼‍♂️) but you? you walked in wearing full on cashmere, carrying the newspaper and a latte, and needed little to no hair and makeup time. and then you just sauntered right off set and on to the red carpet super flawlessly, like the pro that you are. congratulations, that’s what makes you “super,” and me “average”! love you 🤪. karlie is wearing a design from the spring 2019 runway in a custom color way to tonight’s #glamourwoty awards in new york. a big thanks and a huge hug to the hard working women on my team who put this look together so effortlessly while i was pulling double duty at my new job, you’re the real mvp’s. 🖤

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As a designer there really is no greater privilege than when a woman asks you to design the dress for her special day. and there is no greater gift than becoming her friend through that process. congratulations to you @erinmkiernan! grace, poise, and joy personified, you deserve all the happiness and more. #erinhitthejackpot 💕

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At last night’s premiere of “on the basis of sex,” #felicityjones wears our coral twill tie suit and mini skirt from the spring 2019 collection. styled by @thegriceisright ❤️

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You know what they say about the couple that votes together, right?.....they may wake up at different times, with one yelling at the other that they need to get to the polling place earlier to beat the lines. they may walk in silence to said polling place with a bad morning attitude, and they may even get in to a small tiff in the voting line, but hey, at least they voted! (just for the record, i was an absolute peach this morning!) 🤷🏼‍♂️ but for real, being civically minded has always been important to me, and not just on election day. in the past i’ve volunteered for campaigns, phone banked endlessly, and traveled around the country in buses with strangers to help elect officials that i believe represent my core values, which in their most basic form hold true to the idea that each person in this country should be treated equally, with dignity and respect. it may have been a struggle to get to the polls this morning, and there may have been a tiff or two, but even on a dreary, cold, and rainy new york morning i never forget that my right to #vote and my willingness to exercise it is what has allowed me to have this life, to have this love, to have this freedom. your vote matters. i urge you to get out today and fight for what matters most to you, and most importantly, those you love. ❤️ #vote

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From 6 am coffee on the set of @bravotv #projectrunway all the way to 9 pm wine celebrating the winners of tonight’s #cvff, we sure are having the most fun! i’m grateful for the opportunities life has thrown my way, ones which could only have happened to me in this country. which is why i’ll be sleeping off this wine and waking up bright and early to march to the polls to exercise my right to #vote! congratulations to all of tonight’s @voguemagazine @cfda fashion fund finalists, and lots of love to the runners up @bode @jonathancohenstudio and winner @pyermoss, it was completely awesome to watch your work, you should be super proud. thanks for having us, love to you @karliekloss ❤️

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It’s velvet weather now, y’all! shop what’s new (like my favorite one shoulder knot knit), at a retailer near you via link in bio. 🖤 📸 @kevintachman

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I love all the women involved in this photo and this top! in the december issue of @glamourmag, glamour woman of the year honoree @violadavis wears a #brandonmaxwell satin knot tuxedo top from the fall 2018 collection. shot by @paolakudacki & styled by @elizabethstewart1 ❤️

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This morning in auckland, new zealand, her royal highness the duchess of sussex wore a brandon maxwell classic sheath dress in blush. always a proud moment for our team ❤️

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Michaela johnson, i met you at 18 years old, fresh off the plane, my first week of college in a whole new world. very consistently for 16 whole years, you have defined loyal friendship. there hasn’t been an up or a down that has gone by without a hug, a call, a text, a card, or a little reminder that you care. all that we can hope for our best friends is that they will end up with someone who can love and protect them as much as we do when we’re not around, and i know that you have that in the man you married yesterday. dressing you for your special day will always be one of the greatest joys of my life, but the pleasure and honor of having been your friend is what really takes the cake. i love you, and congratulations, @michaelaljohnson ❤️ 📸: @joachimjohnson

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Last night in los angeles, @juliaroberts wore custom #brandonmaxwell to the premiere of her new series #homecoming. styled by wonderful @elizabethstewart1 💕

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B bag mini on @fallontonight love you @gigihadid 💕

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